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Top of Page A  Adele RhodesVocalsRocks Off
 Adrian (Dean Jnr) WaretiniVocalsFat Man + Teddy Bears
 Adrienne MartinVocalsThe Statesmen
 Adrienne VincentPianoPeter Collins and his Deaconaires
 Aileen McClintockVocalsBower
 Al DunsterGuitarByrds
 Al OldsDrumsLowdown Blues Band
 Al ParkRhythm GuitarVapour + The Trails, Louie + Hotsticks
 Albie Tau  [RIP]GuitarFoundation
 Alan Irvine  [RIP]GuitarBelairs
 Alan JohannsonGuitarPhantoms
 Alan WatkinsTrumpetMidKnights
 Allan BadgerBassThink
 Alister ParkerGuitar/Bass/VocalsGordons
 Allan BarronVocalsSouthern Country, Spectrum, Remedy, Solo Artist
 Alan BrownGuitarRaves, Inspiration, Five Degrees, All Star Zimmer Band, Boys Night Out, Reboot
 Allan BrownDrumsViscounts
 Allan CattermoleDrumsNewz, Bon Marché, Eels, Skylord, Coalrangers
 Allan Fairbrother Phase 2
 Allan MorrisonGuitarPlayboys
 Alton BurgessBassWildcats, Satellites
 André Jayet  [RIP]Drums/KeyboardsRagnarok
 Andrew BalfourGuitarPink Gin
 Andrew ForrerBassBeech
 Andrew KayViolin/KeyboardsBeech
 Andrew LeeKeyboardsVillage Gate, Backpack
 Andy CalderVocals/GuitarAlley Cats
 Andy PageVocals/GuitarAlley Cats, Fleck
 Andy JoinesGuitarDominoes, Max Merritt + Meteors, Phantoms, Individuals
 Andy PageVocals/GuitarAtarmies
 Angie LeeVocalsAtlantics
 Ann WigstonVocalsBaby
 Anne FowlerGuitarChikadees
 Annie WhittleVocals 
 Anthony Easterbrook-CarterGuitar/VocalsSolo Artist, About Time, Backpack
 Arch KingRadio Announcer/Compère3ZB
 Archie Parker  [RIP]Rhythm GuitarHi-Fis, Tempests
 Arnie van BussellGuitar/Recording EngineerTwickenham Tweed, NightShift Studios
 Art Pickering  [RIP]Piano 
 Arthur Gilmore Pork Chops
 Arthur MuirGuitarTempests, Downbeats
 Arthur ThainGuitarStrangers
 Ashley GlubbBassMetronomes, Johnny + The Revellers
 Ashley SheppardDrumsCoalrangers

Top of Page B  Barbara Cuttance  [RIP]  
 Barbara Fox  [RIP]Vocals 
 Barbara JeanVocals 
 Barney HarmyVocals/GuitarDon't Tell Momma
 Barry BlackmoreTrumpetPremiers, Dynamics
 Barry ChisholmLead Guitar/VocalsUnion Blues Soul Band, Revolution
 Barry MortonBassDynamics
 Barry PeoplesSaxophoneEsquires
 Barry SaundersVocals/GuitarOrange, Warratahs, Tigers
 Barry StewartDrumsAuroras
 Bart BallPromoter 
 [Bartholomew John]  (John Suckling)VocalsSolo Artist
 Ben NgahuruGuitarAotearoa Hostel Band
 Bernie JonesDrumsDazzlers, Meteors
 Bernie McGirrGuitarSilhouettes
 Bernie Spragg Dices
 Bevan Littler  [RIP]Piano/UnivoxWildcats, Downbeats
 Beverly CorneliusVocalsShoreline
 Bevis Thompson  [RIP]BassJust Us
 Bill BrittendenDrumsAlexis
 Bill ChalkLead GuitarHottentots
 Bill HammondDrumsIllusions
 Bill KearnsBass/VocalsOdyssey
 Bill Moir  [RIP] Southern Country
 Bill McLean  [RIP]GuitarDon's Problems
 Bill NicholGuitarBaby
 Bill Perica  [RIP]DrumsSpectrum, Southern Country
 Bill Te NgahueGuitarOthers
 Billy BeltonBassBob D Five
 Billy Karaitiana  [Billy Kristian]BassDominoes, Meteors, Invaders
 [Billy Kristian]  (Billy Karaitiana)BassDominoes, Meteors, Invaders
 Billy VallanceVocalsLowdown Blues Band
 Billy WilliamsBassTicket
 Bindy GerrardAgent/PromoterSoul Agents
 Blair AllchurchGuitarGretel
 Bob BarrettDrumsTorments, Johnny Campbell + Detours
 Bob Betteridge Southern Cross
 Bob Bradford  [RIP]PianoBob Bradford Big Band
 Bob ConsedineCompèreSpencer Street
 Bob FreemanGuitarCorvettes
 Bob HancockDrumsMetronomes
 Bob HeinzGuitar 
 Bob HildichDrumsWanderers
 Bob ManawatuVocalsBush Inn
 Bob MilsomDrumsPeter Collins and his Deaconaires
 Bob Mould  [RIP]Guitar 
 Bob McNeeleyLead GuitarSaints
 Bob Ogilvie  [RIP]DrumsEuclid, Roosters, Narcs
 Bob ParkesGuitarHuckelberry Nurk
 Bob RushGuitarDices
 Bob WilcockSaxophoneVigilantes
 Bobby DavisVocals/GuitarDazzlers, Wanderers, Bob D. Five
 Brad CoatesKeyboardsNewz, Eels
 Brendan DuganGuitar/VocalsCountry Artist
 Brendon ReidRhythm GuitarThe Statesmen
 Brent BrodieVocalsBrodie Brothers
 Brent FrewerBassImpacts
 Brent LoveVocalsGolden Mile
 Brent McLachlanDrumsGordons
 Brent ParlaneGuitar/VocalsBeech
 Brian BatesVocalsChristchurch
 Brian BlighGuitarJohnny Campbell + Detours
 Brian DeakinGuitarPeter Collins and his Deaconaires
 Brian DeanGuitarSecrets
 Brian HurstDrumsOscar, Corsairs, Cameos
 Brian HeyVocalsPhoenix
 Brian MasonLead GuiatrRetaliation, Tom Thumb
 Brian PearsonDrumsSilhouettes
 Brian Ringrose  [RIP]GuitarPlayboys, Byrds
 Brian SmithBass/VocalsFriar Tuck, Chasing Paper, Ready-Steady-Go
 Brian ThomasGuitarVigilantes
 Brian WalkerKeyboardsEuclid, Lord
 Brian VaughanDrumsMidKnights, Drifters, Phantoms
 Brian WingBassSaints
 Bridget AllenVocalsPage One
 Bruce ClarkeDrumsHottentots, Statesmen, Phoenix
 Bruce HowardAccordianMerrymakers
 Bruce JohnsonVocalsSoutherners
 Bruce KnappGuitar/VocalsAvon Sandal Band
 Bruce Leeming  
 Bruce McKendryTrumpetNeketini Brass, Crazy Rhythm, Johnny + The Revellers
 Bruce MooreZylophoneThe Statesmen
 Bruce TaitBassBoys (Southbridge)
 Bruce TaylorVocals/TambourineGretel
 Bruce (Puck) Truman  [RIP]GuitarViscounts
 Bruno (Gerrard) Berens  [RIP]DrumsImpacts, Revival, Fifth Edition
 Bryan BruceBassDuo with Ray Ballantyne
 Bryan ColechinBassAlexis, Bon Marché, Newz, Eels
 Bryan GerrardBassLink, Shop Talk, Smoke
 Bryan JamesOrganFive Degrees

Top of Page C  Carl Reid  [RIP]  
 Carol Staines  [RIP]VocalsRespectfully Yours
 Carol QuigVocalsIllusions
 Caroline MitchellVocalsSolo Artist, Satellites, Premiers
 Cash Kazimierz  [RIP]VocalsIllusions
 Cecile MurphyVocalsSapphires
 Charlie JemmettButton AccordianSpencer, Canterbury Crutchings Bush and Ceilidh Band
 Chris CollierBassByrds
 Chris BojeVocalsExodus I
 Chris FoxDrumsViscounts, Dantes Inferno, Inspiration, Chapta, Link, Libra
 Chris GroszGuitarPork Chops
 Chris HudsonBassBaby
 Chris KaglandDrumsFantasy
 Chris MooreVocalsSolo Artist, Splash Alley, Pop Mechanix
 Chris McCarthyGuitarInbetweens
 Chris Whitehead  [RIP]DrumsBeam, Soul Agents
 Cliff RydingManagerRendezvous
 Clive CollinsBanjo/ Pedal Steel GuitarStoney Lonesome
 Clive RobinsonVocalsAlexis
 Colin Banks  [RIP]Violin/Saxophone 
 Colin ChappellDrumsMandala
 Colin FinnieGuitarMerrymakers
 Colin SinclairGuitarAuroras
 Craig NicholsonDrumsLink
 Craig PayneLead GuitarViscounts, Exodus, Ready-Steady-Go
 Craig ScottBass/VocalsFantasy, Blues Revival, Revival
 Cyril Edwards  [Super Cyril]VocalsSoul Agents, Flint

Top of Page D  Dale (Dayille) ThompsonVocals/GuitarSolo Artist, Country Lust, Texas Tease, Roulette
 Danny Bennett Baby
 Danny KingVocals 
 Danny McGirrVocalsSolo Artist
 Danny WilsonSaxophone/FluteSneaky Feet, Roosters, Louie + Hotsticks
 Darren AlexanderVocals/GuitarAtarmies
 Darren Hill Phase 2, Smooth Talk
 Darryl WattGuitarIllusions
 Dave ArmstrongBass 
 Dave BaileyDrumsInbetweens
 Dave BeattieDrumsStrangers, Beat Unlimited
 Dave BrownGuitarBob D Five
 Dave CarterKeyboardsRock Squad, Marcus, Smoke
 Dave CoxDrumsVillage Gate, Lace
 Dave ChapmanGuitarMustangs, The Others, Me and The Others, Funny Feeling
 Dave Diver  [RIP]DrumsTempests, Five Degrees, Librettos
 Dave DunbarDrums 
 Dave GilliesKeyboardsLink, Trinidad, Brigade, All Star Zimmer Band
 Dave Grey Silhouettes
 Dave HendersonGuitarDiamonds
 Dave InnesDrumsUndergrads
 Dave JohnstonGuitar/VocalsCaroline Ramblers, Laredo Country Showband, Lineham Trio
 Dave KennedyGuitarEchophonics
 Dave KennedyGuitarChapta, Link, Rock Squad, Smoke, Marcus
 Dave KnowlesGuitarTrinidad
 Dave MartinGuitarWildcats, Playboys
 Dave MillerVocalsPlayboys, Dave Miller + Byrds, Dave Miller Set, The
 Dave OlsenDrumsJust Us
 Dave PetrieKeyboardsViscounts
 Dave Reid Coyotes
 Dave StewartBassSacred Morgue
 Dave VincentGuitarLes Street + Alleys
 Dave Warring  [RIP]GuitarRum Jungle, Baby
 Dave Wassel  [RIP]GuitarViscounts, Respectfully Yours
 Dave WellsGuitarEchophonics
 Dave WhitingGuitarIllusions, Five Degrees, Raves, Tradition, All Star Zimmer Band
 Dave RussellGuitarInvaders
 Dave RuthBassInspiration, Cold Rock
 Dave WarringGuitarRum Jungle
 David Blackwell[The Entertainer] 
 David LaPlancheVocalsMelody Makers, Nights, Solo Artist
 David KennedyBassAuroras
 David MackayVocalsAvonhead
 David Newton  
 David ShineBassBaby
 David WellsGuitarEchophonics
 Dean HetheringtonGuitarCoal Rangers
 Dean Luke  [RIP]Guitar/Vocals 
 Dean TurnerGuitarAotearoa Hostel Band
 (Dean Jnr) Adrian Waretini Fat Man + Teddy Bears
 Denis HurleyDrumsCrescendos
 Denis Moir  [RIP]GuitarDynamics
 Dennis AbbottGuitarAtarmies
 Dennis GrantOrganNext Move, Inspiration
 Dennis ShrimptonBassSoul Agents, Reboot
 Dennis SmithVocalsAnsa
 Derek AllenOrganInspiration, Dantes Inferno, Tomorrow's Love
 Derek WrightGuitarDynamics, Secrets
 Des HetheringtonGuitarCoal Rangers
 Des NewtonGuitarAlexis, System, Nicotine Brothers
 Des UnwinVocals 
 Diane Jacobs  [Dinah Lee]VocalsMetronomes, Playboys
 Diane PhilpotGuitarChikadees
 Diane St ClareVocalsMojos's, Sounds '68/'69
 Dianne Gerrard  [RIP]VocalsGroup, The
 Dick (Richard) DriverVocalsDoomed, Splash Alley, Hip Singles, Blam Blam Blam
 Dick HarrisonBassFoundation
 Dick (Richard) WhatsonBassEchophonics, Chapta, Link, Funny Feeling
 (Digger) KeepaGuitarCrescendos
 [Dinah Lee]  (Diane Jacobs)VocalsMetronomes, Playboys
 Dion MurphyVocalsShamrocks, Dion and Cecile
 Dixon McIvorVocalsVigilantes, Viscounts, Village Gate, Just Us, System
 (Doc) John FosterPianoDownbeats
 Don BeanDrumsHuckelberry Nurk, Avon Sandal Band, Baby
 Don ColvilleVocalsDon's Problems
 Don ClarksonGuitarWildcats, Downbeats, Village Gate
 Don FindlayGuitar/VocalsCity Lights
 Don GutryDrumsVillage Gate, Page One
 Don HickmanBassMidKnights, Phantoms
 Don MartinBassFragments
 Don MillsKeyboardsPremiers, Beam, Think
 Don PrebbleDrumsSatellites
 Don McKenzieBassSalvation
 Donald TempletonVocalsSacred Morgue
 Dorothy (Dot) Prentice  [RIP]VocalsThe Statesmen
 Doug BakerGuitarChapta, Next Move
 Doug BlakieDrumsSacred Morgue, Coyotes
 Doug CaldwellPianoDoug Caldwell Trio
 Doug CharlestonBassKeymen, Retaliation
 Doug CowanPromoterThe Plainsman
 Dougal McEachenGuitar/VocalsRonnie and Dougal
 Dougie HancockGuitarTelstars
 Doug Henderson  [RIP]GuitarFalcons, Castaways
 Doug Petrie  [RIP]DrumsCastaways

Top of Page E  Ed StanleyBassAtlantics, Dices
 Eddie HansenGuitarRevival, Rock Squad, Ticket
 Eddie LowVocalsSundowners, Quin Tikis
 Elizabeth BragginsVocals/KeyboardsElizabeth Braggins
 Eric AlbertDrumsAotearoa Hostel Band
 Eric MarsdenDrumsAndroids
 Eric Robinson  [RIP]KeyboardsFootsteps, Friar Tuck, Lace, Twickenham Tweed, Strawberry Strum
 Eric ShackleGuitarStatesmen
 Errol JamesGuitarBoys (Timaru), Kor-Tels, Velvet Underground
 Evan MacintoshDrumsEchophonics

Top of Page F  Finlay CalderwoodDrumsVauxhalls
 Frank Rangi (Wimetu)  [RIP]VocalsFoundation
 Frank KerrisonDrums 
 Frankie HewettDrumsChikadees
 Fred Mummery  [RIP]PianoShamrocks, Sapphires

Top of Page G  G.A. (George) PrimeVocalsTradition, Mandala
 Gary BromleyGuitarDynamics
 Gary HobbsBassTrend
 Gary HubbardVocalsValley Inn, Golden Mile
 Gary JonesVocalsSaints, Versatiles
 Gary MayoDrumsJavelins
 Gary MorrisonDrumsInmates, Velvet Underground
 Garry MullhollandRhythm GuitarTorments
 Gary SammonsGuitar/BassTrend, Fantasy, Dantes Inferno, That's Country Backing Group
 Gary TaylorDJPrebbleton Tavern
 Gary Thain  [RIP]BassStrangers, Secrets, New Nadir, Keef Hartley Band, Uriah Heep
 Gary Thompson Cashmere Club
 Gary WakefieldVocalsSoutherners
 Garth TaylorUnivoxKor-Tels
 Gavin PrenticeGuitarThe Statesmen
 Geoff FarmarBassVillage Gate, Coalrangers
 Geoffrey HannanVocalsBoys (Timaru), Velvet Underground
 George DraytonBassVenturers, Village Gate
 George GerrardGuitar/PromoterCorvettes, Group
 George KinchDrumsHottentots
 George PrimeVocalsTradition, Mandala
 George WilliamsPercussionNeketini Brass, Crazy Rhythm, Johnny + The Revellers
 Gerald LewisClarinetBelairs
 Gerald MarstonTrumpetNeketini Brass
 Gerrard Berens [Bruno]  [RIP]DrumsImpacts, Revival, Fifth Edition
 Gerrard GlubbGuitarStatesmen
 Glenn HughesDrumsMark IV Enterprise
 Gordon BennettBassOthers
 Gordon (Noddy) Hutchinson  [RIP]DrumsNext Move, Trinidad
 Graeme ChingVocals/GuitarStrangers
 Graeme Cooper  [RIP]Keyboards/VocalsGraeme Cooper Trio, Friends, KeyTrax
 Graeme Flaws  [RIP]BassVelvets, The
 Graeme HobbsVocalsTrend
 Graeme MillerDrumsPlayboys, Byrds
 Graeme van der ColkDrumsNewtones
 Graeme Wallis  [RIP]Piano/UnivoxSatellites, Viscounts
 Graeme WardBassExodus
 Graham HanhamDrumsJohnny Campbell + Detours, Viscounts
 Graham HirstGuitarVenturers
 Graham Josephs Baby
 Graham Lambie  [RIP]GuitarEchophonics, Inspiration, Mandala, Orange
 Graham WardropGuitar/VocalsLutha
 Grant ChapmanDrumsKeyman
 Grant WardBassFred Henry
 Greg MooneyBass/GuitarViscounts, Gretel, Antix, Cowboys, Electric Cowboys, Krakkajack
 Greg WilliamsBassVelvet Underground
 Guy KirikinoBassSouthern Justice

Top of Page H  Harold KeenCompère 
 Harry GilmoreKeyboardsHarry's Blues, Secrets (Mk 2)
 Harry HarrisonGuitarSneaky Feet, King Tubbs, Radius
 Harry HunterSaxophone 
 Harry LyonGuitarBeam
 Harry VoiceDrumsChook Fowler Septet
 Heather CowanPromoterThe Plainsman
 Helen MullhollandVocalsLouie + Hotsticks
 Hugh McMillan Javelins

Top of Page I  Ian CostelloGuitarDoomed
 Ian DohertyGuitar 
 Ian GlassBassMax Merritt + Meteors, Lineham Trio
 Ian JohnstoneEntrepreneurWasp Industries, Holden Wasp International
 Ian Kennedy  Echophonics
 Ian LairdDrumsBob D Five
 Ian LinnartLeadLord
 [Ian Robbins] (Ian Robinson)   [RIP]VocalsMe and The Others
 Ian Robinson [Ian Robbins]   [RIP]VocalsMe and The Others
 Ian ShawGuitarShop Talk, System
 Ian SmillieGuitarJust Us
 Ian Upsall Orange
 Ian Whitehead  [RIP]VocalsVapour + Trails
 Ian WinterGuitarBeat Unlimited
 Ishwar Ghanda  [RIP]Vocals (Guest)Mustangs
 Ivan CrookDrumsEsquires
 Ivan WateneBassAotearoa Hostel Band

Top of Page J  Jaap VisserKeyboardsPork Chops
 Jack LarkVocalsDownbeats
 Jamie (Jim) NorrissBassApaches
 Jane Walker  [RIP]Drums/KeyboardsDetroit Hemroids, Basket Cases, Toy Love, Rocks Off
 Janice GrayVocalsSolo Artist
 Janice PaineVocalsCrescendos
 Jay Peters  [RIP]BassFive Degrees, Tradition, Orange, All Star Zimmer Band
 Jeff CavenderVocals/Guitar/BassJagged Edge, Secrets (Mk2)
 Jeff StriblingDrumsOdyssey
 Jennifer DerhamBassChikadees
 Jerome RaatelandDrumsViscounts, Red Hot and Dixie, River City Jazzmen
 Jerry BurkeKeyboardsHuckelberry Nurk, Avon Sandal Band
 Jess NevilleDrumsThink
 Jim CooperGuitar/VocalsCourtells
 Jim HallGuitarShannon
 Jim HodderVocalsSoutherners
 Jim LangeSteel GuitarVal Elliott + The Rhythm Ramblers
 Jim LaurieDrumsCountry Flyers
 Jim LinehamVocalsLineham Trio
 Jim (Sandy) Morrison  [RIP]Pedal Steel Guitar 
 Jim Phillips  [RIP]SaxophoneStatesmen, Peter Paul + Pursuers, Johnny Campbell + Detours
 Jim Shields  [RIP]DrumsCity Lights, KeyTrax, Viscounts
 Jim TaylorGuitar/VocalsBare Wires
 Jim WhitfieldDrumsVenturers
 Jim ThomlinGuitarChants R&B
 Jim YoungGuitarBoys (Southbridge)
 Jimmy KearnsBassMoviez
 Jimmy Owen-CooperGuitarMark IV Enterprise
 Jimmy RhydingsPromoterLaredo
 Jimmy WalmsleyGuitarLouie + Hotsticks
 Jimmy WoodsGuitarDazzlers, Saints
 Jo StanleyVocalsAntix
 John BarrRhythm GuitarMerrymakers, Hottentots
 John BrockGuitarUndergrads
 John BrookerBassLace
 John CalderBassFive Degrees
 John Campbell [Johnny]Guitar/VocalsTorments, Johnny Campbell + Detours, Individuals
 John CampbellKeyboardsJust Us
 John ChappellDrumsPage One, Inspiration, All Star Zimmer Band
 John ClarkeDrums/VocalsJonathan J + The Fifth Edition, Footsteps, Friar Tuck, Village Gate
 John CookeGuitarVal Elliott + The Rhythm Ramblers
 John CummingsDrumsBoys (Southbridge)
 John DingwallBass Guitar/VocalsUnion Blues Soul Band
 John (Doc) FosterPianoDownbeats
 John ClintonDrumsBelairs, Johnny Campbell + Detours
 John Grenell (Hore)Vocals/GuitarSolo Artist
 John HalvorsenGuitar/Bass/VocalsGordons
 John HobsonVocalsKeymen
 John Hore (Grenell)Vocals/GuitarSolo Artist
 John KayBassMustangs
 John LloydKeyboardsIndividuals, Ranch Sliders, Salvation, Coalrangers, Rocks Off
 John LogieRhythm GuitarThe Cameos
 John MitchellDrumsSystem
 John McRaeGuitarMark IV Enterprise
 John O'NeillBassPlayboys, Byrds
 John Parker [Johnny]VocalsDownbeats
 John ParkinsonBassLowdown Blues Band, Comet Kohoutec
 John PhairRecording TechnicianRobbins Recordings, Tandem
 John Poellman  [RIP]DrumsAnsa
 John Pollard  [RIP]Drums 
 John PurvisGuitar/DrumsBaby, Comet Kohoutec
 John Roper  [RIP]Guitar/BassStage Door
 John RowseBassEsquires, Beat Unlimited
 John Sare  [RIP]DrumsSapphires
 John ShivasVocalsSatellites
 John Storey  [RIP]SaxophoneJohnny + The Revellers, Inspiration, Trinidad
 John Suckling  [Bartholomew John]VocalsSolo Artist
 John WebbGuitarSilhouettes
 John WilsonDrumsUndergrads, Viscounts, Oscar, Corsairs, Cameos
 John WoolcottPromoter/CompèrePlaytime Promotions
 Johnny Campbell (John)Guitar/VocalsJohnny Campbell + Detours
 Johnny DickDrumsMax Merritt + Meteors
 Johnny Hines  [RIP]Drums/ VocalsJohnny + The Revellers
 Johnny Kairau  [RIP]GuitarSouthern Country
 Johnny LoganVocalsTavern Rachael
 Johnny Parker (John)VocalsDownbeats
 Johnny PhilpottDrumsPeter Lewis + Trisonic Beat
 Johnny RockDiscoYaldhurst Tavern
 Johnny (Deano) WhaipiriSaxophoneChevrons, Premiers
 Jon McCrea [Jonathan J]VocalsFifth Edition
 [Jonathan J] (Jon McCrea)VocalsSolo Artist
 Judith TurtillVocalsTorments
 Judy BaileyVocalsSaints
 Jude MarchVocalsLord
 June Hogan Papanui
 Julia BlackmoreVocalsPremiers
 Julie PerryVocalsReady-Steady-Go
 Justine SnelgroveSaxpohone/Flute/Keyboards/VocalsKing Tubbs, Radius

Top of Page K  Karl (Charlie) MarshallGuitarSatellites
 Karl TakanaBassWanderers
 Kaye LichfieldVocalsDiamonds
 Kaye Bassett-MillarVocalsDiamonds, Castaways
 Keith DavisGuitarDazzlers
 Keith HudsonVocalsForresters
 Keith LowGuitarInmates
 Ken Ackroyd  [RIP]GuitarRocks Off, Euclid
 Ken BlairSaxophoneRoyKen Trio
 Ken MarshallDrumsRoyKen Trio
 Ken RichardsonSaxophoneSaints
 Ken (Kenny) WilliamsDrumsUnion Blues Soul Band, Libra
 Ken WrightGuitarBeat Unlimited, Zeppelin Revival, Revival
 Kerry Church  [RIP]Vocals/GuitarChapta, Moviez
 Kerry SucklingGuitarJavelins
 Kevin BayleyGuitarFifth Edition, Chapta, Streak,
 Kevin BoyceVocalsSolo Artist
 Kevin FrewerLead Guitar/KeyboardsImpacts, Retaliation, Fantasy, Tom Thumb, Jonathan J + The Fifth Edition
 Kevin HillGuitar/Drums/PercussionInspiration, All Star Zimmer Band, Boys Night Out
 Kevin (Mouse) JamesVocalsViscounts, Respectfully Yours
 Kevin (Occy), O'Connor  [RIP]DrumsDon's Problems, Trend, Dantes Inferno, Tradition
 Kevin O'NeillGuitarPlayboys, Byrds
 Kevin PowellBassJust Us
 Kevin SmithBassMidKnights
 Kevin Stanton  [RIP]GuitarFragments
 Kevin StokesLead GuitarSacred Morgue
 Kevin TalbotBassThe Statesmen
 Kevin TaylorBassMister Meana, Krakkajack
 Kevin Toneycliffe  [RIP]DrumsBoys (Timaru), Chapta, Shannon, Tomorrow's Love
 Kiddwell WalatikiGuitarViscounts
 Kim BryantDrumsOrange, Rum Jungle

Top of Page L  Lance ParkinKeyboardsAlexis, Bon Marché
 Larry CashVocalsUnion Blues Soul Band
 Larry McKayVocalsVigilantes, JC + Detours, Page One, Beam, Friar Tuck,
Chasing Paper, Soul Agents, Gillette-McKay
 [Laurie Dee]  (Laurie Herdman)VocalsRaves, Five Degrees, Beam
 Laurie Herdman  [Laurie Dee]VocalsRaves, Five Degrees, Beam
 Laurie Middleton  [RIP]Dancer 
 Ledlie Cleland  [RIP]KeyboardsChapta
 Lee HannerDJRadio Avon
 Leigh PerryGuitarLouie + Hotsticks
 Len OrmsbyGuitarFalcons, Castaways
 Leo Fahey  [RIP]BassHottentots
 Len KirtonDrumsHarry's Blues, Spectrum
 Leon Jayet  [RIP]DrumsPagoda Restaurant
 Leon KearnsDrumsMAR-BUCK
 Lenny WorthingtonKeyboardsInbetweens
 Les DonaldsonBassAntix
 Les InwoodVocalsAtlantics, Echophonics, Alleys, Chapta, Next Move, Les + Ted, Country Lust, Texas Tease, Roulette
 Les StottCompèreLaredo
 Les ThomasVocalsTunesmen
 Les Wilkins Viscounts
 Leslie RayVocalsAtlantics
 Liam RyanKeyboards Comet Kohoutec, Baby
 Lin HolsteinDrumsVigilantes
 Lindsay Mackwell  [RIP]Guitar/VocalsCrazy Rhythm
 Lino LuafutuGuitar/VocalsAbsolut
 Linton PimmDrumsFalcons
 Lissell StewartVocalsAbsolut
 Lloyd ScottVocalsUndergrads
 Locky RutherfordBassDegrees
 Lyall BarronBassStaircase
 Lyall SmillieLead GuitarThe Statesmen
 Lyn BuchananDrumsAirplay
 Lyn EverettVocalsThe Cameos
 Lyn GilletteVocalsLyn + Peter, Ready-Steady-Go
 Lyndon FerrisVocalsPremiers, Lyndon Ferris + Bronwyn Neil, Cool Change
 Lynley EvansVocalsTwickenham Tweed

Top of Page M  Mac JamiesonBassDownbeats
 Malcolm HarrisDrums/VocalsHorizon, Foundation
 Malcolm JonesVocalsSilhouettes
 Malcolm LilleyBassCaroline Ramblers, Laredo Country Showband
 Malcolm MarshallGuitarCaroline Ramblers
 Marilyn MalcolmVocalsCorvettes
 [Mark Antony]  (Pat Kearns)VocalsSolo Artist, Bishopdale Tavern, Papanui Tavern
 Mark Bradford Warners
 Mark BrooksGuitar/Bass/VocalsVauxhalls, Newtones
 Mark GrahamGuitarPlayboys
 Mark Kahi  [RIP]GuitarKahi Brothers
 Mark Sollis Coyotes
 Mark WilsonGuitarDetroit Hemroids, Basket Cases, Androidss
 Mark WootonGuitarGuilty, Airplay, Atarmies
 Mark JayettDrumsExodus, Moviez, Ragnarok, Atarmies
 Mark RawdonDrumsLoose Units, Strawberry Strum
 Maree CourtneyVocalsSaints
 Martin ArchboldDrumsNewtones
 Martin Blackmore Roosters
 Martin RickardBassCrescendos
 Mary Cooper KeyTrax
 Mary RushtonPiano 
 Mary Sneedon  [RIP]VocalsHorizon
 [Matt Croke] (Max Kelly)GuitarChants R&B
 Maurice CookGuitarMax Merritt + Meteors
 Maurice Flanagan  [RIP]Guitar 
 Maurice "Moz" SammonsGuitarBoys (Timaru), Kor-Tels, Velvet Underground, Libra, Backpack
 Max FletcherBassBoys (Timaru), Tomorrow's Love
 Max Kelly [Matt Croke]GuitarChants R&B
 Max MerrittVocalsMax Merritt + Meteors
 Max WrightGuitarShannon
 Megan BrownVocalsAll Star Zimmer Band
 Merv ThompsonBassViscounts
 Merwyn GilmoreVocalsSatellites
 Michael Braithwaite  [Ritchie Venus]Vocals/GuitarRitchie Venue + Blue Beetles, Volkswagons
 Michael DavisGuitarMister Meana
 Michael RobinsonBassTorments, Detours
 Mick CavanaghBassDon's Problems
 Midge MarsdenVocals/TambourineCountry Flyers
 Mike AnglandBassMax Merritt + Meteors
 Mike BrownBassFantasy
 Mike DarbyDrumsRetaliation, Fifth Edition, Fred Henry, Coalrangers
 Mike DavidsonGuitarAlexis, Bon Marché
 Mike GreenBassShamrocks, Sapphires
 Mike FisherDrumsRock Squad, Freedom Express
 Mike GarlandLagerphone/Spoons/Castanets)Canterbury Crutchings Bush and Ceilidh Band
 Mike Jones  [RIP]GuitarEuclid, Lord
 Mike LeighKeyboardsViscounts
 Mike LewisGuitarRemedy, Page One
 Mike LuxfordUnivoxKor-Tels
 Mike McCarthy Rhythm Rockers
 Mike MitchellBassPage One
 Mike RuddVocals/GuitarChants R&B
 Mike Scheele Odyssey
 Mike SnowdenVocalsDynamics
 Mike Taewa  [RIP]Bass/GuitarFred Dagg's "Gumboot"
 Mike Tarrant Undergrads, Silhouettes
 Mike WaldegraveGuitarSalvation
 Mike WalshVocalsFred Henry, Degrees
 Mike WilliamsVocalsVauxhalls
 Miles ReayBassSilhouettes
 Milton WilsonVocalsRetaliation
 Mita Edwards  [RIP]  
 Monty MonteithGuitarSilhouettes
 Murray AllfreyDrumsCorvettes
 Murray CullenDrumsChristchurch
 Murray DuncanKeyboards 
 Murray FisherDrumsLouie + Hotsticks
 Murray Gardner  [RIP]Guitar 
 Murray Higginbottom The Statesmen
 Murray InglisDJRadio Avon
 Murray JohnstonDrumsShamrocks, Sapphires
 Murray StewartKeyboardsVelvet Underground
 Murray WattKeyboardsGretel
 Murray WrightDrumsVistasonics, Secrets, Just Us, Jagged Edge
 Murray Wood  [RIP]KeyboardsHarvest

Top of Page N  Nancy KeilVocalsBaby, Comet Kohoutec
 Neale McGrathDrumsSaints
 Neale MuirCompèreSurf City
 Neill PickardGuitar/BanjoUndergrads, Garden City Jazzmen, Red Hot and Dixie
 Neale StringerDrumsCrazy Rhythm, Johnny + The Revellers
 Neil FalconerDrumsIndividuals, Viscounts
 Neil HannanBassCountry Flyers
 Neil Mitchell Javelins
 Neil PetersenGuitar/VocalsAce of Clubs, Spencer
 Neil StringerDrumsNeketini Brass, Crazy Rhythm, Johnny + The Revellers
 Neil YoungBassPeter, Paul + Pursuers, Chants R&B
 Neville BarrieVocals/GuitarFootsteps, Solo Artist
 Neville ClaughtonKeyboards/Bass/GuitarViscounts, Tradition, Village Gate, Link, Five Degrees, Prophets, Page One
 Neville HamiltonBassSouthern Justice
 Neville McCarthyBassInbetweens
 Neville WilkinsTrumpetViscounts
 Ngaire Hervey Racecourse
 Nick PegVocals/GuitarCitizen John Band, Fleck
 Nick Nicholson  [RIP]Bass/TrumpetNeketini Brass
 Nicki ReeceVocalsIn Your Ear
 Nicky Carter  [RIP]PercussionDetroit Hemroids, Basket Cases, Playthings
 Noel BurnsVocalsThe Statesmen
 Noel CameronDrumsPeter Collins and his Deaconaires
 Noel DayBassKor-Tels
 Noel Murphy  [RIP]BassEsquires
 Noel TaylorDrumsKor-Tels
 Noel WesneyDirectorRadio Avon
 Noel WrightPianoDices
 Norm BlandVocalsViscounts, Village Gate, About Time

Top of Page O  Oliver HancockKeyboards/GuitarExodus
 Oliver (Olly) ScottGuitarDetroit Hemroids

Top of Page P  Pam CourtneyVocalsSaints
 Pam PetersVocalsStrawberry Strum
 Pat ChapmanVocals/GuitarEsquires
 Pat DevlinGuitar 
 Pat Dugan  [RIP]VocalsCountry Artist
 Pat Kearns  [Mark Antony]VocalsSolo Artist, Moviez, Lace, Funny Feeling
 Pat (Rongo) Nehoneho  [RIP]GuitarSaints, Premiers
 Pat WalshDrumsSystem
 Paul AndrewKeyboardsNew Entrants, Krakkajack
 Paul BiddickDrumsVillage Gate
 Paul BradleyBassDownbeats, Shi-Ans, Chevrons
 Paul Dunningham Brigade
 [Paul Baron]  (Paul Muggleston)VocalsSolo Artist
 Paul DyneSaxophoneUndergrads
 Paul Humphries  [RIP]DrumsVillage Gate, Just Us
 Paul KeanBassDetroit Hemroids, Basket Cases, Toy Love
 Paul MugglestonGuitar/VocalsApaches, Dices, Dynamics, Secrets, Just Us, Radio Avon
 Paul ParkhouseVocalsLouie + Hotsticks
 Paul SargisonGuitarBelairs, Johnny Campbell + Detours
 Paul SintesGuitarSaints
 Paul TalbotVocals/GuitarPeter, Paul + Pursuers, Detours, Just Us
 Paul WoolrightBassTicket
 Paula FellowsVocals/TambourineLibra
 Pearl SchumacherVocalsSouthern Cross
 Pete SmithVocals/CompèrePhantoms, Eighteen Plus
 Peter AlexanderDrumsApaches
 Peter BurdonKeyboardsMister Meana
 Peter CampbellVocalsAces 4
 Peter CasserlyDrumsChasing Paper, Cold Rock, Gretel
 Peter "PC" Caulton  [RIP]Guitar/VocalsSolo Artist
 Peter ChallisDrumsViscounts
 Peter CollinsGuitarPeter Collins and his Deaconaires
 Peter Davey  [RIP]Saxophone 
 Peter Dawkins  [RIP]Drums/Record ProducerFalcons, Me and The Others, New Nadir
 Peter Fraser  [RIP]Bass/Guitar 
 Peter GilletteKeyboardsCastaways, Footsteps, Moviez, Gillette-McKay, Lyn + Peter, Ready-Seady-Go, Krakkajack
 Peter GoldsmithOrgan/KeyboardsUndergrads, Silhouettes, Paul's Idea
 Peter Hansen  [RIP]Bass/Guitar/VocalsOpposition, Dynamics
 Peter Hindmarsh  [RIP]BassPremiers (Wellington)
 Peter HutsonDrumsRemedy, Backpack
 Peter McElvieBassDoomed
 Peter McMullanVocalsSaints, Peter Lewis + Trisonic Beat
 Paul MillingtonGuitar/SynthesiserSacred Morgue
 Peter MullhollandPianoTorments
 Peter NelsonVocalsMetronomes, Castaways, Renaissance, Ready-Steady-Go
 Peter PatenePianoMax Merritt + Meteors
 Peter RattrayDrums 
 Peter ReidGuitarBoys (Timaru)
 Peter SideryGuitar/BassSaints, Viscounts
 Peter SmithVocals/CompèreMidKnights, Eighteen Plus
 Peter SowdenDrumsMax Merritt + Meteors
 Peter Talbot  [RIP]VocalsPeter, Paul + Pursuers, Detours, Just Us
 Peter van Bussell  [RIP]Bass 
 Peter van RoyDrumsHarvest, Antix
 Peter Ward  [RIP]DrumsDominoes, Downbeats, Invaders, Prophets, Towerfree
 Peter WilliamsGuitar/VocalsMax Merritt + Meteors
 Peter WilsonBassSystem
 Phil BattersbyGuitar 
 Phil DoubletGuitarSouthern Justice
 Phil, FloodsmithDrumsSacred Morgue
 Phil, Garland  [RIP]Guitar/VocalsPlayboys, Canterbury Crutchings Bush and Ceilidh Band, Band Of Hope Jug Band
 Phil JonesGuitarOrange, Bon Marché, Newz, Lord, Salvation, Beech, Cold Rock, Eels, Rum Jungle
 Phil KingVocalsAotearoa Hostel Band
 Phil MoneyVocalsDiamonds, Javelins
 Phil MyersGuitarInmates
 Phil Whitehead  [RIP]GuitarExpressions Of A Multi-coloured Bubble, Beam, Movement, Father Thyme, Human Instinct, Think
 Phil TuutaGuitarPork Chops
 Pine HaireroaGuitarCrescendos
 Pop BrownGuitarFoundation
 Puni SolomonBassInvaders

Top of Page Q  No data for "Q" 
Top of Page R  Ray, BallantyneKeyboardsSoul Agents, Duo with Bryan Bruce
 Ray BoydVocalsDices
 Ray Columbus  [RIP]VocalsInvaders
 Ray HarrisBass/GuitarFifth Edition, Viscounts, Respectfully Yours
 Ray KamoBassPeter Lewis + Trisonic Beat
 Ray MesservyBassHi-Fis, Tempests, Diamonds
 Ray MooreDrumsBare Wires
 Ray ValentineKeyboardsSoul Agents
 Ray WatsonDrumsThe Statesmen
 Red McKelvieGuitarCoyotes
 Reg GartersGuitarAuroras
 Richard CarswellGuitarAuroras
 Richard BurgessDrumsOrange
 Richard JohnsonGuitarGretel, Comet Kohoutec
 Richard KennedyGuitarCountry Flyers
 Richard PetersBassStrawberry Strum
 Richard PriceLead GuiterLowdown Blues Band
 Richard (Dick) DriverVocalsDoomed, Splash Alley, Hip Singles, Blam Blam Blam
 Richard (Dick) WhatsonBassEchophonics, Chapta, Link, Funny Feeling
 Rick ReidBassPork Chops
 Ricky BallDrumsTicket
 Ritchie HarrisonGuitarGraphic Sounds
 Ritchie PickettVocalsThink
 [Ritchie Venus]  (Michael Braithwaite)Vocals/GuitarRitchie Venue + Blue Beetles, Volkswagons
 Rob CarpenterGuitar/Bass/VocalsSecrets, Echophonics, Revival, Harvest, Fifth Edition, Funny Feeling, Le Frame, Les Toots
 Rob FerrisGuitar/VocalsSomething Else
 Rob PatrickDrumsLord
 Rob Gray  [RIP]Bass/VocalsOdyssey, Rocks Off, Bare Wires
 Rob Jones  [RIP]BassCity Lights
 Rob SemkeKeyboardsSoul Agents
 Rob Winch  [RIP]GuitarCountry Flyers, Brigade
 Robbie Laven Pork Chops
 Robin CocksTrumpetMister Meana
 Robin HopeGuitarSapphires
 Robin HughesGuitarChikadees
 Rocky MooreKeyboardsIn Your Ear
 Rod CoeBassRevival
 Rod DerrettGuitar99 Club, The
 Rod GibsonSaxophoneMax Merritt + Meteors
 Rodger MyersBassInmates, Velvet Underground
 Roger Hanson Stu Buchanan Band
 Roger McArthurDrumsRaves
 Roger DukeGuitarSapphires
 Roger DunlopDrumsViscounts
 Roger SavageDrumsViscounts, Reboot
 Roger WhytePianoNeketini Brass, Crazy Rhythm, Johnny + The Revellers
 Ron ApitiSaxophoneAotearoa Hostel Band
 Ron GreenLap Steel 
 Ron (Ronnie) HarrisGuitar/VocalsTrend, Odyssey, Fantasy, Trend
 Ron HoldenElectronics DesignerHolden Sound, Holden Wasp International
 Ron HunterLead Guitar 
 Ron JenkinsGuitarKor-Tels, Tomorrow's Love
 Ron MahonyDrumsOrange, Beech, Anarchy, Five Degrees, Link
 Ron SedgleyPianoCrazy Rhythm
 (Rongo) Pat NehonehoGuitarSaints, Premiers
 [Ronney Primrose]  (Veronica Enright)VocalsSolo Artist
 [Ronnie Enright]  (Veronica Enright)VocalsRonnie and Dougal
 Ronnie RobertsonDrumsPretzel, Bon Marché, Louie + Hotsticks
 Ross ConnellyBassPage One
 Ross ClancySaxophoneCrazy Rhythm, Saints, Downbeats
 Ross LaredoGuitarOrange, Fred Henry
 Ross MuirBassRagnarok
 Ross NicolBass/KeyboardsEquals, High + Dry, Cymbolics, Pickwick, Shannon, Airplay
 Ross TaylorBassRaves, Next Move
 Roy PhillipsHammond Organ/VocalsPeddlers
 Royce BakerGuitarSatellites
 Royce HuttPianoRoyKen Trio
 Royce RichardsDrumsDownbeats, Atlantics, Fifth Edition, Inspiration
 Russell AllfreyBassCorvettes
 Russell McRaeBassMark IV Enterprise
 Russell OfficerTrumpetMister Meana
 Russell ShawSaxophone/KeyboardsWanderers
 Russell ThompsonDrumsWildcats, Downbeats

Top of Page S  SandieVocals 
 Sandy Davis  [RIP]CompèreCTV
 Scott BrooksBassVauxhalls
 Shane W. BakerVocalsExodus
 Shane Ngia  [RIP]Bass/Guitar 
 Sharon O'NeillVocalsChapta
 Simon DarkeVocalsNewz
 Simon MarksVocals/TambourineRoosters, Comet Kohoutec
 Stan WhiteKeyboardsDon's Problems, Secrets Mk2, Chapta
 Steve EdenVocalsSteve Eden + Skyliners
 Steve BartlettBass/VocalsHuckelberry Nurk, Avon Sandal Band, Rum Jungle
 Steve Gainsford  [RIP]Guitar/Vocals 
 Steve Garden Pork Chops
 Steve Gilpin  [RIP]VocalsFragments Of Time, Mi-Sex
 Steve HudsonDrumsBaby
 Steve Hyde  [RIP]PianoRoyKen Trio
 Steve LarkinKeyboards/VocalsBare Wires
 Steve Saxton Shop Talk
 Steven Marsden  [RIP]GuitarAndroids
 Stu Buchanan  [RIP]SaxophoneStu Buchanan Band, Les Toots
 Stu FordDrumsExodus I
 Stu LadbrookKeyboardsViscounts, Southern Justice, Antix, Cowboys, Electric Cowboys
 Stu ParsonsSaxophoneSaints
 Stuart DavisVocals/PercussionEuclid
 Stuart McFarlaneDrumsStrawberry Strum
 Stuart LeishmanBassTelstars, Phantoms
 Stuart MurrayPianoSaints
 [Super Cyril]  (Cyril Edwards)VocalsSoul Agents

Top of Page T  Tangi WilliamsGuitarNeketini Brass
 Tap Heperi  [RIP]VocalsSolo Artist
 Ted MearesGuitar/BassViscounts, Venturers, Opposition, Libra
 Terry Chick The Cameos
 Terry GallavinKeyboards/VocalsOdyssey
 Terry KearnsVocalsAvonhead TavernSolo Artist
 Terry LarnerDrumsFriar Tuck, Chasing Paper, Twickenham Tweed, Strawberry Strum
 Theresa Nolan  [RIP]VocalsBush Inn
 Tim AtkinsonSaxophoneUnion Blues Soul Band
 Tim PiperGuitarChants R&B
 Tom FieldsKeyboardsLibra
 Tom HodderVocalsSoutherners
 Tom McCartenDrumsStatesmen, Pursuers
 Tommy CorlettDrumsOpposition
 Tommy KahiPedal Steel GuitarTommy Kahi Band, Tutor
 Tony AthfieldGuitarDownbeats
 Tony BayleyBassMandala
 Tony BlacklockVocalsCold Rock
 Tony BlomfieldGuitarBob D Five
 Tony (Buzz) BurrellSaxophoneAtlantics
 Tony Dwyer  
 Tony FoateGuitarIllusions
 Tony HoskingsKeyboardsProblems
 Tony MasonDrumsVigilantes
 Tony McMasterBassBeam
 Tony MillarDrumsDoomed
 Tony Peake  [RIP]Vocals/GuitarNewtones
 Tony RabbettGuitarInbetweens, Newz, Eels
 Toni WilliamsVocalsSolo Artist
 Tracey GardyneVocalsReady-Steady-Go, Backpack
 Trevor AllanDrumsMerrymakers, Hottentots
 Trevor BuntingBassKeymen
 Trevor CourtneyDrumsChants R&B
 Trevor DavisGuitarDazzlers
 Trevor GaskillVocalsSatellites
 Trevor HawkeBassPeter Collins and his Deaconaires
 Trevor King  [RIP]Tour Manager 
 Trevor Latham  [RIP]GuitarThe Cameos, Corsairs, Oscar, Shadrock, Moonshine, Fat Man + Teddybears, Misty, Graphic Sounds, Electric Blue, Toni Williams Duo
 Logie, JohnRhythm Guitar
 Trevor Spitz  [RIP]Drums/PromoterFour Fours (Auckland)
 Trevor TomblesonVocals/PercussionTicket
 Trevor WrightBassJC + Detours, Vigilantes, Soul Agents, Page One, Individuals, Airplay

Top of Page U  No data for "U" 
Top of Page V  Val ElliottVocals/GuitarVal Elliott + The Rhythm Ramblers
 Van EverettDrumsThe Cameos
 Val PetersenKeyboardsNeil and Val Petersen
 Van OdellVocalsThe Atlantics
 Vaughan SandfordDrums/VocalsThe Statesmen, Inmates
 Veronica Enright  [Ronnie Enright]VocalsRonnie and Dougal
 Veronica Enright  [Ronney Primrose]Vocals 
 Vicky KozanicVocals42nd Street
 Vince Clark Stu Buchanan Band
 Vince PinkerGuitarGordons
 Vince VinnettiVocalsStormcrow, Lord
 VJ HewsonVocalsSolo Artist

Top of Page W  Wally DunnBassBeam
 Wally ScottGuitarRay Columbus + The Invaders
 Walter MoorePianoMerrymakers
 Warick FussellGuitarBoys (Southbridge)
 Warren GarveyDrumsSalvation
 Warren GrantVocalsTradition
 Warren MatthewsRhythm Guitar/VocalsImpacts, Tradition
 Warren MinsonPiano 
 Wayne AllenDrumsEchophonics, Secrets, Funny Feeling, Southern Justice, Krakkajack
 Wayne Baird Union Blues Soul Band
 Wayne Beecroft  [RIP]DrumsCoal Rangers, Odyssey, Sneaky Feet, Louie + Hotsticks
 Wayne DouglasDJRadio Avon
 Wayne JamiesonBassLouie + Hotsticks
 Wayne MartinBassPremiers, Soul Agents, Reboot
 Will SchneiderSaxophoneMax Merritt + Meteors
 Wolf MarshallBassSatellites

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Top of Page Y  Yvonne PowerKeyboardsViscounts
 Yvonne SafiVocalsGuilty
Top of Page Z  No data for "Z" 

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