The Apaches

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    Award presented 2008  

The Apaches
Paul Muggleston (Lead Guitar), Peter Alexander (Drums), Bob Rush (Rhythm Guitar) and Jamie "Jim" Norriss (Bass Guitar)

The Apaches was Paul Muggleston's first band, formed back in 1961 - also a great year for the MLC Assurance Company where Paul did 9 months of faithful service, shortly followed by 2 months assembling radios at Roberts Radio, followed by a month with Beaths furniture store delivering TV's and putting up TV antennas on roofs - which he hated!  It was during this year, and thanks to money saved from these frustrating ventures that he purchased his first real guitar - a locally produced Commodore instrument, played through another local product - a Concord amplifier with both reverb and tremelo.  The only frustration when forming The Apaches with Bob Rush and drummer Peter Alexander - who was at Canterbury University with bassist Jamie (Jim) Norriss, was that the sound of his lead guitar would barely make it to the edge of the stage before plummetting down into oblivion among the feet of the people dancing near the front.  The Apaches was a very short lived band and both Paul and Bob Rush avoided remaining forever inconspicuous by joining The Dices - still in 1961.


The Apaches from left Bob Rush (Rhythm Guitar), Peter Alexander (Drums), Paul Muggleston (Lead Guitar)


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