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      Award presented 2007


John R Campbell Collection


Paul Muggleston - entertaining at the Spencer Street Revisited concert in Christchurch Cathedral, Saturday September 30th, 2006

John Paul Muggleston was born on August 08th, 1944 in the UK.  He spent his formative year in Christchurch, New Zealand and attended Christchurch Boys' High School around which time he formed his first band The Apaches - Paul played guitar and sang.  He went on to join The Dices circa 1961 - and then did the church-dance-gig routine.  Next up was the moderately successful Atlantics, after which Paul joined The Dynamics at The Plainsman, only to leave them for a few months to join The Measles in Wellington with Bruno Lawrence, Neil Harrop and Puni Solomon, but returning to The Dynamics for the Searchin' - Del Shannon Tour with Peter and Gordon and Dinah Lee.  The Dynamics eventually became The Secrets featuring Paul Muggleston, Derek Wright, Wayne Allen and Gary Thain (Wayne having replaced Peter Ward on drums).  They then went on a 12 month New Zealand tour working in Wellington and Auckland for Phil Warren's Prestige Promotions and during this time they released a single on the Allied label It's You / You're Wrong.  Paul co-wrote both of these tunes with Gary Thain, and the release was nominated for the prestigious Loxene Golden Disc Award in 1965 (won of course by Ray Columbus and The Invaders with 'Til We Kissed).  The Secrets split up in 1966 when jointly resident at Christchurch's Pride Of Place with The Others.  Paul then formed Me and The Others which included himself, Thain, Dawkins and Chapman, to continue the residency at The Pride of Place.  The Others had been Christchurch's support act for the 1966 Tom Jones + Herman's Hermits tour.  In early 1966, Me and The Others headed to Europe, where they worked clubs in London, Scotland, Wales and Germany (including the famous PN Hit House in Munich).


The Apaches

The Dices

The Atlantics

The Dynamics


The Secrets

The Others on the Tom Jones Show in 1966

Me + The Others - London

Me + The Others - PN Hit House, Munich


On returning to New Zealand in 1969, Paul put together a group which he called Paul's Idea - the group recorded one single on the Robbins label Cia Amore / Ape Call.  Paul's Idea was closely followed by the creation of a new alter-ego - Paul Baron and the recording of a single Daddy On My Mind based on his own relationship with his Dad.  The flipside was Don't Leave Me In My World and it was released on the Orly label in 1969.  Paul soon headed to Australia to work around that country for 2 years before returning to join Radio Avon and join Just Us in Christchurch, until 1979, when he again headed to Sydney and did the Club Circuit as a solo act, working in a couple of TV Soap Operas.  1986 saw Paul in Los Angeles, USA where he spent 20 years in the commercial recording business, before moving out to Las Vegas, and spending several years entertaining and singing in local Clubs.


... with Ed Stanley

... Pete Ward

Reinventing the wheel with some old mates

Pete Hansen, Paul, Dave Chapman, Pete Ward and Paul Talbot

... a couple of DB fanciers

... with Dixon and Glenys McIvor


In August of 1993, Paul returned to Christchurch for a reunion gig with a number of his old playing pals.  A newspaper article on August 12th preceded the reunion which was held the following day at The Christchurch Musician's Club in Hazeldean Road.  Paul has visited his home-town regularly over the years and now lives in the state of Washington, about 90 miles north of Seattle.


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