The Dices

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The Dices - at The Dolphin Lounge, Christchurch.
Noel Wright (Piano), Paul Muggleston (Lead Guitar). Doug Petrie (Drums), Bob Rush (Rhythm Guitar), Ray Boyd (Vocals), Ed Stanley (Bass)

The Dices were active on the local church dance and club circuit - seen below playing at St Nicholas' Church, Barrington Street, Christchurch South.


Bob Rush (Rhythm), Ed Stanley (Bass), Ray Boyd (Vocals) and Paul Muggleston (Lead)
Doug Petrie on drums is unfortunately obscured.

The Dices Christchurch Star 21/05/62
Vocalist Carol Brady is seen at top


Doug Petrie (Drums), Bob Rush (Rhythm), Carol Brady (Vocals), Ed Stanley (Bass)
and Paul Muggleston (Lead)

Bob Rush (Rhythm), Paul Muggleston (Lead), Doug Petrie (Drums), Ed Stanley (Bass)
and Noel Wright (Piano)


Bob Rush (Rhythm), Ray Boyd (Vocals), Ed Stanley (Bass), Paul Muggleston (Lead),
Doug Petrie (Drums) and Noel Wright (Piano)

Doug Petrie (Drums), Bob Rush (Rhythm), Ed Stanley (Bass), Paul Muggleston (Lead),


Bob Rush, Carol Brady, Doug Petrie and unknown

Paul Muggleston and Bob Rush