The Atlantics

ROCKONZ Rock Hall Of Fame
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      Award presented 2008  

The Atlantics
Ed Stanley (Bass Guitar), Paul Muggleston (Lead Guitar), Dave Vincent (Rhythm Guitar), Royce Richards (Drums), Tony "Buzz" Burrell (Saxophone) and Les Inwood (Vocals)


Paul Muggleston, Dave Vincent, Les Inwwod
and Tony "Buzz" Burrell

Ed Stanley, Tony "Buzz" Burrell (partially obscured), Dave Vincent, Les Inwwod, Paul Muggleston
Royce Richards is not shown

Promotional "poster" around Operation Deep
Freeze, Christcurch, New Zealand


The Atlantics played predominantly at the US Operation Deep Freeze Base at Christchurch Airport, but also played local gigs including the Dolphin Lounge, and further afield to Ashburton and the famous (Caroline) Bay Hall in Timaru.  Both Neville Claughton and Peter Hansen were known to have played bass in this group.


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