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Paul's Idea - seen here at a University of Canterbury gig circa 1969
The pic shown includes Paul Muggleston (Guitar) and Peter "Clogs" van Roy (Drums)


The group recorded one single in 1969 on the Robbins label Cia Amore // Ape Call (RRSP 78), and the musicians for that recording were - Paul Muggleston (Rhythm), David Chapman (Lead), Neville Claughton (Bass), Peter Goldsmith (Organ) and Pete Ward (Drums).  The recording was put down onto one of Robbin's old Rola 2-track tape recorders with "engineer" John Phair (also ironically Keith Robbin's son-in-law) on the desk.  According to Neville Claughton, the sound effects included "a trash can with empty grog bottles in it".  Paul's Idea also appeared at the Denton Park Rock Fetsival circa 1970.

After leaving New Zealand for Europe in early 1966 with Me and The Others (which included Gary Thain, Peter Dawkins and David Chapman), Paul had returned to New Zealand in 1969 before once again heading off to Australia, playing around that country for 2 years before returning to join the Radio Avon team as a DJ, and to play with local group Just Us around Christchurch, until 1979, when he yet again headed west to Sydney's Club Circuit as a solo act, also working in a couple of TV Soap Operas.


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