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Clinton, John2009DrumsJohnny Campbell + Detours, Wolverines
Columbus, Ray   OBE   [RIP]2007VocalsRay Columbus + Invaders
Devlin, Johnny   MNZM2008VocalsJohnny Devlin + Devils
Heperi, Tap2008VocalsSolo Artist
Karaitiana, Billy  [Billy Kristian]2007BassMax Merritt + Meteors, Night
Lee, Dinah  [Diane Jacobs]2007VocalsSolo Artist
Low, Eddie   MNZM2010VocalsSundowners, Quin Tikis
Lynch, Suzanne   MNZM2008VocalsSolo Artist
Merritt, Max2007VocalsMax Merritt + Meteors
Morrison, Howard  (Sir)   [RIP]2008VocalsThe Howard Morrison Quartet
Russell, Dave2007GuitarRay Columbus + Invaders
Stevens, Frankie   MNZM2009VocalsCastaways, Solo Artist
Thain, Gary   [RIP]2009BassThe Strangers, The Secrets, Uriah Heep
Williams, Mark2010Guitar, VocalsSolo Artist, Dragon
Williams, Peter2007Guitar, VocalsMax Merritt + Meteors
Williams, Toni   MNZM   [RIP]2007VocalsHoward Morrison Quartet, Tremoloes, Solo Artist

Allen, Wayne2007Drummer The Secrets
Castaways, Peter Nelson + The2007GroupPeter Nelson + Castaways
Garland, Phil   QSM   [RIP]2007Guitar, VocalsThe Playboys, Solo Artist
Gillette, Peter2009KeyboardsPeter Nelson + Castaways
Kearns, Pat  [Mark Antony]2007VocalsMoviez, Solo Artist
McCrea, Jon2008VocalsFifth Edition
O'Connell, Chet2009GuitarSolo Artist
Ringrose, Brian   [RIP]2007GuitarRay Columbus + Invaders, The Playboys, The Byrds
Wardrop, Graham2010GuitarLutha, Solo Artist

Carpenter, Rob2010Guitar, VocalsRevival
Detours, Johnny Campbell + The2009GroupJohnny Campbell + Detours
Dion + Cecile2009VocalsDion + Cecile
Edwards, Cyril  [Super Cyril]2009VocalsSoul Agents
Vigilantes, The2008GroupThe Vigilantes

Barrie, Neville2007Vocals, GuitarThe Footsteps
Bland, Norm2007VocalsVillage Gate
Campbell, Johnny  (John)2008Guitar, VocalsTorments, Johnny Campbell + Detours
Carpenter, Rob2009Guitar, VocalsRevival
Claughton, Neville2007Guitar, Keyboards, BassChapta
Cooper, Graeme   [RIP]2007KeyboardsKeyTrax
Ferris, Rob2010Guitar, VocalsSomething Else
Hope, Robin2007GuitarThe Sapphires, The Shamrocks
LaPlanche, David2007VocalsSolo Artist
McIvor, Dixon2008VocalsThe Vigilantes
McKay, Larry2008VocalsThe Vigilantes
Murphy, Cecile2007VocalsDion + Cecile
Murphy, Dion2007VocalsDion + Cecile
Newton, Des2010GuitarAlexis, System, Nicotine Brothers
Parker, Johnny  (John)2007VocalsThe Downbeats
Sowden, Peter2007DrumsMax Merritt + Meteors
Taylor, Kevin2007BassMister Meana
Thomas, Brian2009GuitarThe Vigilantes
Ward, Peter   [RIP]2007DrumsMax Merritt + Meteors
Wright, Trevor2009BassJohnny Campbell + Detours, Vigilantes

King, Trevor   QSM   [RIP]2007Tour ManagerTour Manager
Dawkins, Peter   [RIP]2007Drums, Record ProducerMe and The Others, New Nadir
Lingham, Sharon   [RIP]2007Limousine OperatorCorporate Limos
Merritt Family, The2007FamilyThe Merritt Family
Solid Gold FM2009Radio StationSolid Gold FM
Wood, Murray   [RIP]2007KeyboardsHarvest

Cortese, Shane2008Vocals8-Track Band
Merritt, Max + Meteors2007GroupMax Merritt + Meteors
Split Enz2010GroupSplit Enz

Johnston, Murray2009DrumsShamrocks
Mills, Don2007KeyboardsBeam, Think, About Time
Muggleston, Paul2007Guitar, VocalsThe Secrets, Solo Artist
Phillips, Jim   [RIP]2009SaxophoneJohnny Campbell + Detours, About Time
Tornadoes, The2009GroupThe Tornadoes
Wilcock, Bob2009SaxophoneThe Vigilantes
Wilkins, Neville2009TrumpetThe Viscounts

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