Fifth Edition

ROCKONZ Rock Hall Of Fame
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Jonathan J and The Fifth Edition - the original line-up
Kevin Bayley (Lead Guitar), Ray Harris (Bass), Jon McCrae [Jonathan J] (Vocals), Royce Richards (Drums) and Mike Durney (Rhythm Guitar)
Over its time, the group had a number of personel changes with the introduction of drummers John Clarke, Gerrard (Bruno) Berens, Kevin Toneycliffe and Mike Darby.  Rob Carpenter replaced Ray Harris on Bass Guitar, and ace guitarist Bob Heinz joined after Kevin Bayley moved on to join The Chapta.  At that same time Kevin Frewer joined on Keyboards.


Kevin Bayley, Ray Harris, Jon McCrae and Royce Richards

Jon McCrae a.k.a. Jonathan J

Kevin Bayley, Ray Harris, Royce Richards, Jon McCrae and Mike Durney