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John Campbell Collection


About Time  —  Trevor Wright (Bass), Peter Sowden (Drums), Kelly Ensor (Vocals), Brian Ringrose (Guitar) and Don Mills (Keyboards) - Jim Phillips (Sax) not shown

About Time was formed by ex Meteor Peter Sowden and ex Invader Brian Ringrose. The group enlisted a bunch of seasoned musicians/entertainers which included DON MILLS ex Paris, TREVOR WRIGHT ex Johnny Campbell and The Detours,JIM PHILLIPS ex Johnny Campbell and The Detours, PETER WILLIAMS ex Max Merritt and the Meteors, PAT KEARNS aka Mark Antony, and vocalists NORM BLAND (ex Village Gate) and KELLY ENSOR.  Thus comprising of some of New Zealand's more seasoned and experienced musicians, ABOUT TIME was driven by Peter Sowden and Brian Ringrose to be the mainstay of their "ROCKIN' IS OUR BUSINESS" dance parties, and a feature band for corporate and special events.  This project was 12 months in the making, and featured in this pedigree show band line-up are a group of musicians who were all members of leading Christchurch and Australasian groups in the 1960's.  About Time performed a mixture of favourite hits from the 1950's through to the 1970's.  Two members have recently died (Jim Phillips and Brian Ringrose)


About Time at the Spencer Street Revival Concerts.  Christchurch Cathedral September, 2006