Tandem Recording Studios

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Tandem Recording Studios

Tandem Studios is New Zealand's largest producer of online video and one of Christchurch's longest-serving and most respected creative production companies.  The mainstay of Tandem's work during its first twenty years was the writing and recording of jingles and voiceovers for radio and television commercials although it also recorded commercially successful multi-gold albums for artists such as Suzanne Prentice and Brendan Dugan.  John Phair sold Tandem Studios in 1987 and the company's owners during the twenty years that followed included Wayne Johnson and Peter Rattray.  Tandem celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014.


Tandem Recording Studios Founder/Owner/Engineer  —  John Phair


Since its inception as a music studio in 1974, Tandem has grown to become the largest producer of online audio and video in New Zealand, uploading over 30,000 videos onto YouTube and continuing to operate from the same Oxford Terrace premises the company has occupied for nearly 20 years, even earthquakes didn't stop progress in a media world which is constantly changing.