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FOM - an amalgam of First Ov May and Dantes Inferno
Peter Gillette (Keyboards), Gary Sammons (Bass), Ken Williams (Drums) and Kevin Bayley (Guitar)

FOM arose from a natural combination of two groups, First Ov May and Chapta.  Chapta, once Christchurch's top group, were on the way down; they still lived off their name, and the music they played was for themselves instead of their public.   The whole thing became a joke, so they decided to split.  About this time First Ov May lost their two lead guitarists - one to Australia and the other to retirement - so the remaining members of both groups came together to form FOM.   Gary Sammons, the bass player, and drummer Ken Williams have both been members of groups Dantes Inferno and First Ov May.   Ken Williams recently turned down an offer by another Christchurch group but stayed because he was happy with his present work.   Kevin Bayley, their lead guitarist, is from Chapta.  A year or two ago he was a member of what was then thought to be the super group of New Zealand - Taylor.   He said the promoters were more interested in bread than music so the group split.  Peter Gillette plays organ and electric piano.   He was with Frankie Stevens' group The Castaways and then spent three years in Australia with Traque, a group that did a lot of television work.   More recently he was with Chapta.  FOM play a lot of chart material, giving their own interpretatioms to popular songs.   One thing they've found is that people like the old rock-and-roll standards of Chuck Berry.  They play one at the beginning of an evening and the whole place comes alive.   At present they play at The Aranui Hotel.  One Saturday they start at two in the afternoon till ten, then rush round to Mojos 'til four.   The Mojos gig will finish on September 1st when Link will replace them.  In a way they are pleased.   Two 'til four is a long day, but they are also sad because there are no other dance ventures (apart from Rose-A-Lee) in Christchurch.