Maurice "Moz" Sammons

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Timaru Music Guitar History


Maurice "Moz" Sammons  —  ex The Boys (Timaru), Libra, Dantes Inferno, Rock and Roll Spinach, Executives and Backpack

A flamboyant lead guitarist, and a man with a vaste musical experience spanning many years.  Moz and Garry Sammons are nephews of Claude and Norman Stringer of The Plainsmen


Maurice "Moz" Sammons circa 2018
doing what he does best

Moz at EMI Studios Wellington, playing on The Plainsmens'
second LP.  From left: Norman Stringer, Claude Stringer,
Russell Stevenson and Moz Sammons

Gibson ES-335
and Jansen Bassman

Maurice "Moz" Sammons
a relatively recent shot


The Boys at The Dowtown Nitespot

Dantes Inferno

Rock and Roll Spinach


The Executives (1985) - a group once known as Australia's most sophisticated pop group
Pip Lee, Jonne Sands, Carole King, Jose McLaughlin, Wayne Newey and Moz Sammons


Libra featuring Sharon O'Neill

Backpack featuring Anthony Easterbrook-Carter


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