Alton Burgess

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Alton Burgess  —  bass guitarist with The Wildcats, The Downbeats and The Satellites


The Wildcats - at St Nicholas'
Alton Burgess, Dave Martin, Russ Thompson, Don Clarkson and Bevan Littler


The Wildcats - at The Railway Hall
Russ Thompson, Brian Ringrose, Johnny Parker, Allan Simpson, Alton Burgess and Bevan Littler


The Downbeats - Publicity Shot ....
Bevan Littler, Dave Martin, Alton Burgess, Russ Thompson, Johnny Parker and Don Clarkson

The Downbeats
Russ Thompson, Alton Burgess, Allan Simpson, Don Clarkson, Bevan Littler and Johnny Parker


The Satellites - Zodiac Lounge 1963
Don Prebble, Alton Burgess, Royce Baker, John Shivas, Karl (Charlie) Marshall the saxophonist remains unidentified


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