The Newz

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The Newz - at the Aranui Motor Inn circa 1980
Brad Coates (Keyboards), Simon Darke (Vocals), Bryan Colechin (Bass), Alan Cattermole (Drums), Tony Rabbett (Guitar), Phil Jones (Guitar)


Top:  Bryan Colechin, Tony Rabbett, Brad Coates
Centre:  Simon Darke, Alan Cattermole, Phil Jones

First Single  —  Side 1  "Accident Prone"

Second Single  —  Side 1  "Never"

The Newz at The Aranui Motor Inn circa 1980


Bryan Colechin (Bass)

Brad Coates (Keyboards)

Phil Jones (Guitar)

Tony Rabbett (Guitar)

Simon Darke (Vocals)

Alan Cattermole (Drums)


The Newz - back together in 2015
Simon Darke, Phil Jones, Brad Coates, Bryan Colechin and Alan Cattermole