Friar Tuck

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Friar Tuck - at The Redwood Hotel
Brian Smith (Bass), Larry McKay (Vocals/Guitar), Eric Robinson (Keyboards) and John Clarke (Vocals/Drums)

Friar Tuck played from circa 1976 at the Redwood Hotel, The Russley Hotel, and latterly, at The Sandridge Hotel.  The line-up included (at various times) Brian Smith (Bass), Larry McKay (Guitar), Eric Robinson (Keyboards), Jim Shields, Terry Larner, John Clarke and Peter Casserley (Drums) - but the group would morph into Chasing Paper with Peter Casserley (who dreamed up the name) on the drumseat and new keyboardist Peter Gillette on the ivories.


Brian Smith, John Clarke, Eric Robinson and Larry McKay

Brian Smith, Larry McKay, Eric Robinson and John Clarke


Eric Robinson

Brian (Barney) Smith

John Clarke

Larry McKay


Friar Tuck newspaper advertisement from circa 1979