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Odyssey Collection


Bill Kearns (Bass and Lead Vocals), Jeff Stribling (Drums), Terry Gallavin (Keyboards and Vocals) and Ronnie Harris (Guitar and Vocals)


Early 3-piece Odyssey
Jeff, Phil and Ronnie

Early 3-piece Odyssey
Phil, Jeff and Ronnie

Early 3-piece Odyssey
Jeff, Ronnie and Phil


Odyssey was a glam-rock band which was formed in Dunedin in 1973 from the remaining members of NZ Fantasy.  After splitting from Mike Brown (who formed Fantasy in Dunedin circa 1968) the group moved to Dunedin in 1971 for a couple of years, before eventually returning to Christchurch in 1973.  On their return they took on an up-front singer and this became the substantive line-up which still exists to this day.  Lead singer Michael Scheele was not the group's "original" singer - Rob Gray was bass-player when Michael joined.  During its time, the band secured a residency at the legendary Moby Dick's Nightclub (in the old Majestic Theatre Building).  The group toured New Zealand and made regular appearances on television in such shows as Popco, Grunt Machine and Ready To Roll


Odyssey 1973 - Terry, Bill, Jeff and Ronnie

Odyssey resident in Dunedin circa 1973

Odyssey at Moby Dicks - Ronnie, Jeff, Terry and Bill


Jeff - Eddie Chin's Groovy Room '73

Bill - Eddie Chin's Groovy Room '73

Ronnie - Eddie Chin's Groovy Room '73

Terry - Eddie Chin's Groovy Room '73


Odyssey went through a multitude of personal changes over time, but guitarist Ronnie Harris and drummer Jeff Stribling remained the stalwarts of the group.  Bass players included Rob Gray, Bill Kearns, Dennis O'Connell, Marc Beecroft, Phil Hall amd Robbie Wilson, whilst lead singers also changed regularly - these included Terry Gallavin, Michael Scheele, Rob Gray, Ronnie Harris, Phil Hall and Bill Kearns.  Featured second guitar players included Jimmy Taylor, Colin Bayley and Mark Wootton.  Whilst the origional line-up of Jeff Stribling, Ronnie Harris, Bill Kearns and Terry Gallavin remains intact, the group now-a-days features a female vocalist Layna Hunt, although she is not regarded as an offical member.


Odyssey - Glam

Odyssey - Live


Odyssey - Beside the Christchurch Town Hall Fountain

Odyssey - Glam


Moby Dicks - Ronnie, Jeff, Terry and Bill

Moby Dicks - Jeff, Ronnie

Moby Dicks again!



Odyssey appearing for a Record Store promotion

Odyssey crossing over in Melbourne


Odyssey became Crossroads, and remained so until circa 2013 when they returned to being Odyssey.


Odyssey - Radio Avon Concert outside the Town Hall 1974
Jeff Stribling, Michael Scheele and Ronnie Harris

Odyssey - Radio Avon Concert 1974
Jeff Stribling on the drums

Odyssey - Radio Avon Concert outside the Town Hall 1974
Jeff Stribling, Ronnie Harris, Michael Scheele and Bill Kearns


Odyssey - Live at Rotorua

Odyssey - Live at Rotorua

Odyssey - Live at Rotorua



Ronnie, Jeff, Terry and Bill

Ronnie, Bill, Jeff and Terry

Jeff, Terry, Ronnie and Bill


Blair Allchurch

Bill Kearns

Terry Gallavin

Jeff Stribling

Ronnie Harris

Layna Hunt



Blair, Terry, Bill, Layna, Jeff and Ronnie



Bill, Jeff, Pepper, Terry, Layna, Blair and Ronnie



Odyssey released a single on Dynamia Records in 1980 (DS101).  The recording featured a glammy remake of The Easybeats' single Sorry.  The flipside was a Ronnie Harris original That's Life.  Odyssey reunite regularly at the Lyttleton Wunderbar and include special guests Blair Allchurch , Layne Hunt and Pepper Hall.



Odyssey - Rock and Roll's Alright


Odyssey will released a vinyl LP on February 14th, 2024 and celebrate with a gig a A Rolling Stone in Christchurch.