The Moomba Men

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Ted Meares Collection


The Moomba Men - Resident at The Tabou Nite Club
Jeff Cavender, Paul Bradley (Bass Guitar), Ted Meares (Lead Guitar), Dave Whiting (Rhythm Guitar) and Tony Courtis (Drums)
Jeff Cavender had joined to replace Dave Whiting

When Brian Ringrose quit The Ambassadors, the group became known as The Moomba Men, and they retained their residency at The Tabou Nite Club.  At that point, Ted Meares took over the lead guitar role, with Dave Whiting coming in for a short while as rhythm guitarist.  After Dave Whiting left, band-leader Ted drafted Jeff Cavander (freshly returned from the UK) into the band.  Shortly thereafter Ted decided to leave, and he once again joined up with Brian Ringrose and Paul Bradley, but this time with Doug Petrie on drums, to become Glommiter at The Lardeo Nitespot.