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NZ Fantasy
The Groovy Room, Rattray Street, Dunedin


Kevin Frewer Collection


Chris Kagland (Drums), Mike Brown (Guitar), Ronnie Harris (Guitar), Kevin Frewer (Keyboards), and Craig Scott (Vocals)

Fantasy (formerly known as The Klap) was Dunedin's top band in 1968, and featured Craig Scott on bass guitar.  The band was to relocate to Christchurch in late 1968, when they landed a residency at The Scene night club in Tuam Street, Christchurch.  The band was joined by drummer Richard James Burgess shortly before their move over the ditch to Australia.  Richard would go on to become a part of Flinders, Landscape, Easy Street and ultimately Spandau Ballet


NZ Fantasy - Craig Scott, Michael Brown, Chris Kaglund,
Kevin Frewer and Ronnie Harris

Jeff Stribling in Fantasy at age 16
The Groovy Room, Rattray Street, Dunedin

About the 6th line-up - Michael Brown, Ronnie Harris,
John Sanderson and Jeff Stribling


Live in Sydney Australia 1969, this band won a reputation, and a heat in the Hoadleys Battle of the Bands competition 1970.  The line-up consisted of John Carrol (Vocals), Mike Cassidy (Drums and Vocals), Ron Harris (Guitar and Vocals) and Michael Brown (Bass).  Michael Brown and Ron Harris came to Sydney Australia from New Zealand in early 1970 looking to form the NZ Fantasy Band and were joined by Mike Cassidy (who was the token Aussie in the group) and John Carrol.  The band mainly worked residencies at Kings Cross clubs like The Electric Circus, The Groovy Room and The Downunder Club but also played many gigs at other venues across Sydney including supporting bands like Axiom at Caesar's Palace.  They also won the Rockdale Heat of Hoadley's Battle of the Bands beating hot favourites Flake.   They then proceeded to the NSW Final at the Capitol Theatre which was won by The Flying Circus.


Mike Cassidy left the band in March 1970 and was replaced by former Plum drummer Derek Pellicci who in years to come joined The Little River Band.  The NZ Fantasy Band then moved to Melbourne playing at venues like That's Life, Thumpin' Tum, Catcher and many more.  They disbanded in late October 1970.  Ron Harris is back in New Zealand, playing in a band called Odysey which grew from a reformed NZ Fantasy Band in 1971.  Michael Brown is temporarily a.w.o.l.  Mike Cassidy moved to Denmark twice, and played and recorded with MØN Rock in the 70's and 80's.  He returned to Australia mid 80's, played in MTKAB (Mike and Tony's Kick Arse Band) and did some revival Harry Young and Sabbath work.  Now lives in the Hunter Valley and performs in two bands Hot Tub Time Machine and Network after returning to a music tutoring career in the 90's then moving to IT support thru the 2000's.  About to retire to a musical lay back with old music mates and a large family including grand children in Denmark.  John Carroll moved back to Sydney and joined King Fox and began to record Radio Jingles and did vocals on many well known tracks including the 1270 2SM Rocktober Jingles.  John then became a successful Radio Announcer and has worked at 1270 2SM, 2MMMFM, 2DAY FM and many more.  John retired after a 4-year stint as a Talk Back Announcer at The Superadio Network.