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Butler outside the Old Canterbury University Students' Association Building circa 1971
Robert [Angel] Adams (Bass), Steve Apirana (Guitar/Vocals), Hori Sinnott (Drums) and Matthew [Heidi] Warren (Guitar)

Butler represented one of very few all-Maori rock bands, with members hailing from Rotorua, despite the band actually forming in Christchurch circa 1970.  They worked initially at the Open Door, before moving into Trevor Spitz's Aubrey's Nitespot.  From the springboard of very strong Christchurch following, the band eyed other South Island centres, and eventually returned to Rotorua in 1971.  From there they built a North Island following, and proved popular on the University circuit with their combination of originals and heavier Led Zeppelinish covers.  Some television exposure followed with spots on Happen Inn, Popco and Free Ride.  This was fairly rare for such an underground group, but even then, they didn't really gain a lot of pulling power.  In 1973 they recorded a self-titled album for Pye Records and this was released on the Family label.  It yielded only one single which was Green River // Especially For You.


Hori Sinnott

Robert [Angel] Adams

Matthew [Heidi] Warren

Steve Apirana


Butler  —  Radio Avon Summer Concert
Outside The Christchurch Town Hall - 1975

Butler - the group circa 1975
Steve Apirana, Hori Sinnott, Matthew [Heidi] Warren and Robert [Angel] Adams


FLY 215 Side 1

FLY 215 Side 2

Ready To Run
FAY 1075a

Especially For You
FAY 1075b