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Baby - circa 1972-73 - the group performed on the NZBC's PopCo in 1972
Dave Shine (Bass), Nancy Kiel (Lead Vocals), Don Bean (Drums), Dave Warring (Guitar) and John Purvis (Guitar/Vocals)

The original Baby line-up was John Purvis (Guitar), Bill Nichol (Guitar), David Shine (Bass), Donald Bean (Drums) with Ann Wigston (Vocals).  Ann was replaced by the ultimate face of Baby, the inimitable Nancy Kiel, who remained as singer for the duration of the life of the group.  Bill Nichol was replaced by Dave Warring (RIP).  The next (Boogie Band) iteration featured John Purvis (Guitar/Vocals) and Nancy Kiel (Vocals) Danny Bennett (Drums) and Graham Josephs.  In a subsequent iteration, when David Shine, Dave Warring and Don Bean left, John and Nancy recruited the Hudson brothers, Steve (Drums) and Chris (Keyboards) along with Liam Ryan (Keyboards).  Baby had a regular gig at The Marine Hotel, Sumner circa 1978.


Nancy Kiel

John Purvis and Nancy Kiel in The Christchurch Town Hall

Nancy Kiel


Nancy Kiel

A more recent pic of Nancy Kiel