Ronnie and Dougal

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Dougal McEachen, a former Christchurch Cathedral Chorister, and Ronnie Enright a budding Christchurch vocalist met by chance and formed a duo to perform Dougal's original songs.  "I Love You And I Don't Care" b/w "Leave Me Alone" was their first recording, and this was released on the Eniright family's EON Recording Company label.  The recording features a hand-picked group of local backing musicians, aptly named "The Individuals" for the purpose of having a name for the record.  The group consisted of John Campbell and Trevor Wright (ex Johnny Campbell and The Detours) along with former Max Merritt and The Meteors rhythm guitarist Andy Joines, keyboardist John Lloyd and drummer Neil Falconer.  Dougal was a prolific song-writer and many additional numbers made it to the drawing board but were never commercially recorded.  The duo performed extensively around local Christchurch spots along with Ronnie's "EON Sisters".