Geoff Farmar

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Geoff Farmar  —  Cowboy/Ranchslider/Coalranger ...

Having started out as a drummer, Geoff Farmar had been biding his time, trying to earn a few dollars in commercial covers bands since the 1960s.  He became part of the nine-piece Happy Cactus Western Swing Orchestra, which could only play on Saturday afternoons because all of the members were in other bands during the evening.  The "Orchestra" exposed him to all manner of country music, from Bob Wills to the modern sounds of the day, and the began writing his own songs.  In the early 80s he joined up with Mike Waldergrave, Greg Mooney and John Sanchez-Lloyd to form The Cowboys, and with a repertoire ranging from Frank Zappa to The Allman Brothers Band to a few of their own songs, The Cowboys held down a residency at The Carlton Hotel for a good part of the early 80s, but a lack of enthusiasm for each other's songwriting ultimately brought an end to what had been a very successful band


The Breeze Band

The Cowboys


The Ranchsliders 4-piece

The Coalrangers circa 1998


Geoff Farmar and Paddy Long


The Coalrangers - Home Tonight

The Ranchsliders - Poster

The Coalrangers - The Harbour Light Sessions