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Don Mills Collection


Beam Unity - original line-up
Laurie Herdman [Laurie Dee] (Vocals), Phil Whitehead (Guitar), Chris Whitehead (Drums), Don Mills (Keyboards) and Ray [Wally] Dunn (Bass Guitar)

Beam Unity evolved in Christchurch.  Following on from the eventual demise of his first group, Expression Of A Multicoloured Bubble in 1970.  Lead Guitarist, Phil Whitehead and Vocalist, George Tanner, joined Phil's older brother Chris in Chris' band Beam Unity.  George was replacing previous vocalist, (Super) Cyril Edwards, whilst other members of the band at that stage were Don Mills (Keyboards) and Ray [Wally] Dunn (Bass Guitar).  They played at various venues, including regular spots at the Bishopdale Tavern and the Blenheim Road Motor Inn.  George was to later leave the group and was replaced by Laurie Dee at which stage the group changed its name to straight Beam and continued very successfully on the pub circuit  —  eventually becoming Laurie Dee and Beam.  The group was a quinessential "pub" band - a top forty band who spent most of their entire career on the road.  Wally Dunn was replaced by Tony McMaster on bass and Phil Whitehead was replaced Phil being replaced on guitar by Harry Lyon, who was in turn replaced by Larry McKay.  Phil Whitehead went on to a short stint with Human Instinct, before joining Think.  Whilst touring the country was an entirely different experience for Harry, and despite a lack of enthusiasm for the chosen music, it was an exciting lifestyle at first, but after about three months, Harry joined the others in their boredom, and was replaced by Larry McKay.  Harry went on to join Hello Sailor.  In March 1975, Don Mills left to join Phil Whitehead in heavy metal band Think.  Chris Whitehead soon called it a day, and the band was no more.  Ultimately the band had featured on the TVNZ Free Ride TV Show, which saw Laurie Dee invited to be part of Kevan Moore's musical covers show Sing - albeit without the band.

During their time, the group recorded three singles, the first of which was Bus Rider // We Can Work It Out (as Beam Unity in 1972), then Teach Me How To Fly // The Road (as Beam in 1973), the last was Freedom // Harmony (recorded as Laurie Dee and Beam), in 1974.


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