The Tracers

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ROCKHAPPENZ Collection with John Boyd


The Tracers
Lex Jenkins (Bass Guitar), Vern Jenkins (Lead Guitar), Mike Hope (Drums), Paul Browning (Rhythm Guitar)  —  thanks to John Boyd  for the good oil here

The Tracers were the pride of the Invercargill Scene of the day.  The single was recorded at the local (Invercargill) radio station studio in 1962.
The group's name was incorrectly set on the record label as "The Traces"

The original lineup of the group, which partook in the recording session was:  Brian Dean (Lead Guitar - Jansen J3), Paul Browning (Rhythm Guitar - Harmony double cutaway semi-acoustic), Lex Jenkins (Bass Guitar - Hofner violin bass) and Michael Hope (Drums).  Anecdotally, on the night of the recording, the Hofner bass guitar was damaged when a radio announcer, finishing his shift, reversed his car over the instrument, necessitating aquiring a replacement which came from the Echophonics' bass player Dick Whatson.  Dick would later appear in Christchurch groups Chapta and Link.


Clockwise:  Vern Jenkins (Lead and Rhythm Guitars), Lex Jenkins (Bass Guitar),
Mike Hope (Drums), Brian Dean (Lead and Rhythm Guitar) and Bryan Bates (Vocals)