Kevin Hill

ROCKONZ Rock Hall Of Fame
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  Kevin Hill  —  circa 1979


Kevin was one of the most important and certainly most influential photographer of his era  –  in a position to document the history and landscape of the Christchurch Music Scene from the late 1960s through until the early 1980s.  It is testimony to Kevin's passion and inate ability be at the right place at exactly the right time, that such a magnificent photographic record has been assembled.  Candid details of musicians and bands that played in and around Christchurch at Hotels, Taverns, Pubs, Motor Inns, Dances, Nighclubs and Festivals are available for everyone in a wonderful and fascinating historic legacy via the medium of photography.  Praticipants from the era have expressed universal praise and thanks to Kevin for his diligence and tenacity.


We are (each and every one of us) hugely indebted to Kevin Hill for his photographic legacy spanning many, many years ......


As Neville Claughton stated ... "Kev was everywhere in those days, and thank goodness he was, as he was brilliant at taking photos.  It was the most interesting era of music, and it will never be repeated.  Kevin is responsible for capturing a large period of our Christchurch musical history.  Kevin you are a gem!"  Era guitarist Phil Jones comments ... "Musicians at that time recall Kevin saying, that the pictures he was taking would be an important part of history at some future time, and he has been proven to be absolutely correct, with his photographs demanding huge interest over time.  Despite the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes destroying most of the old venues depicted, Kevin's photographic memories remain intact for everyone to enjoy."


Inspiration at The Valley Inn (with Kevin Hill on tambourine)


Inspiration at The Valley Inn (with Kevin Hill on tambourine)