The Undergrads

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Undergrads Mk II 1962
Lloyd Scott (Vocals), Miles Reay (Guitar), Dave Innes (Drums), John Brock (Bass), Neill Pickard (Guitar) and Paul Dyne (Saxophone)

The Undergrads are seen here playing at The Jazz Inn, Bedford Row, Christchurch.  Miles Reay is playing a guitar he made myself at school.  John Brock is playing a Mk II Commodore.  Neill Pichard is playing a Voss guitar.  Amplifiers were Linear Concord along with units made by local electricians.  Speaker boxes were home-made, utilising 12 inch Rola and similar speakers.  The bass speaker was purchased from a hi-fi shop


Lloyd and The Undergrads circa 1963
Miles Reay, Lloyd Scott, Neill Pickard and Dave Innes (obscured)

Neill Pickard - 1963

Lloyd and The Undergrads - at Caroline Bay - 1963
Dave Innnes, Neill Pickard, Lloyd Scott, John Brock and Miles Reay


The Undergrads - publicity shot

The Undergrads with vocalist Susie DeMaria


Undergrads 1965
Neill Pickard, Mike Tarrant, Miles Reay and Peter Ward

Los Amigos 1969
Peter Goldsmith, Neill Pickard, Miles Reay and John Wilson


The Undergrads working with the wrecking crew
Miles Reay (Rhythm Guitar), John Brock (Bass Guitar),
Dave Innes (Drums), Neill Pickard (Lead Guitar)

The Undergrads contemporary iteration
Neill Pickard (Lead Guitar), Peter Goldsmith (Vox Continental Organ) and Miles Reay (Bass Guitar)