The Raves

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Thanks to Allan Brown, Roger McArthur
and Ross Taylor


The Raves (Version 1) - the group was resident at Surf City for two seasons ......
Ken Wright (Rhythm Guitar), Ross Taylor (Bass Guitar), Laurie Herdman (Lead Vocals), Ian Winter (Lead Guitar) and Roger McArthur (Drums)



The Raves (Version 2) - in the studio
(Top) Roger McArthur (Drums), Allan Brown (Lead Guitar), Dave Whiting (Rhythm Guitar), (Bottom) Laurie Herdman (Vocals) and Ross Taylor (Bass Guitar)



Roger McArthur (Drums), Ross Taylor (Bass Guitar), Dave Whiting (Rhythm Guitar) and Allan Brown (Lead Guitar)
Bottom Front - Laurie Herdman (Lead Vocals)

(Top) - Laurie Herdman, Roger McArthur and Ross Taylor
(Middle) - Allan Brown and (Bottom) - Dave Whiting


The Raves on Fidelity (Side 1)  21/7/1966
(1) Walkin', (2) Fever

Fidelity Records Label Side 1

Fidelity Records Label Side 2

The Raves on Fidelity (Side 2)  21/7/1966
(1) She's So Fine, (2) Now You Shake


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