The Kippers (Maud +)

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Blair Allchurch Collection


The Kippers - extremely popular Christchurch group (formerly known as Maud and The Kippers)
Luke Neary (Bass), Barbara Fox (Allchurch) (Vocals), Bob Ogilvie (Drums), Mike Waldegrave (Guitar) and Charles White (Guitar)

The group had formerly performed under the name Maud and The Kippers with Nancy Kiel on vocals, however just The Kippers became the preferred name after Barbara Fox took over the vocal slot from Nancy.  The subsequent pix show the original Maud and The Kippers after the transition from Parachute.


Bob Ogilvie

Luke Neary and Charles White (obscured)

Nancy Kiel

Luke Neary

Bob Ogilvie


Parachute - the group which morphed to become Maud and The Kippers