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Roger Dunlop Collection


Howard Edwards (Keyboards), Brent McCunn (Bass Guitar), Roger Dunlop (Drums), Maurice Flanagan (Guitar/Vocals), Robin Ferris (Guitar/Vocals)

This was a Christchurch group.  Roger Dunlop filled in some details, telling us - "Up until Brent McCunn left, Sage were a 5-piece group, but after Brent's departure Howard played bass on his keys - he had an excellent sound with a keyboard, an extra synthesiser as well as a 'string thing'.  The group remained that way up until Howard left, at which time a decision needed to be made as to whether another keyboard player or just a bass player was to be engaged.  The choice was easy as bass player John Brooker was also a great vocalist and harmonist, enabling the band to continue doing their Hollies and similar stuff.  Rob Ferris was the lead singer, and Roger and John provided background harmonies.  Maurice Flanagan unfortunately had a heart attack whilst windsurfing a few years back, and is a great guitarist who is sadly missed."


Howard Edwards, Brent McCunn, Roger Dunlop,
Maurice Flanagan and Robin Ferris

Sage at The Papanui RSA, Main North Road, Christchurch

Howard Edwards, Brent McCunn, Maurice Flanagan,
Robin Ferris and Roger Dunlop


John Brooker, Maurice Flanagan, Robin Ferris
and Roger Dunlop

Howard Edwards, Brent McCunn, Maurice Flanagan, Roger Dunlop and Robin Ferris

Roger Dunlop, Robin Ferris, John Brooker
and Maurice Flanagan