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Ross Taylor Collection


The Profile - prolific around Christchurch

Joe Madsen (Guitar), Bob Kearns (Keyboards), Ross Taylor (Bass Guitar) and Jim Shields (Drums/Lead Vocals)  —  this line-up would morph into Les Inwood (Lead Vocal), Joe Madsen (Guitar), Bob Kearns (Keyboards), Ross Taylor (Bass Guitar) and Gordon (Noddy) Hutchinson (Drums)

Formed out of the remnants of Lordships, the group had various formations, with gigs at Youth Clubs etc. and backing Toni Williams at Mt Cook.  Around 1970, the Lead Guitarist and the Bass Guitarist departed, leaving Jim Shields (Lead Vocals and Drums) and Bob Kearns (Keyboards).  After replacement auditions were held, Joe Madsen joined as Lead Guitarist and shortly thereafter, Ross Taylor joined on Bass Guitar.  Bob had just acquired a double-manual Gullbransen organ with built-in rotating speaker - a rare beast with a great sound!   New gear, new line-up, new materials AND .... a new name - PROFILE.  Bob next bought a Hammond M Series - locally very rare at the time.  He then added a Leslie Top Unit made by Kevin Frewer.  Ross designed a Leslie Base unit which was then built by the band guys, but with a few mishaps!  It used an 18 inch driver, and had a polystyrene-based rotating drum (for lightness).  One of the guys decided to paint it black, but used solvent-based paint which melted the polysyrene, so it flew apart when it was switched on.  OK .... water-based matt black please!


The Band had a great sound and repertoire and was in demand for private and corporate functions, but at a gig for the Fire Service at the Kilmore Street Fire Station, was told they were absolutely NOT allowed to play Arthur Brown's FIRE!  Profile were a support Band for the Hogsnort Rupert Show (Theatre Royal, Christchurch) and also provided backing tracks for George Prime at Robbins Recordings.  The group also appeared regularly at Northside-Seven and Brydon pubs in Oamaru - (where Joe hailed from) - hence the photo-shoot at the Oamaru Stone Quarry!  Joe was a screen-printer and produced the Profile business cards.  Ross was an audio-technician/designer and built some of the amps and sound gear.  Bob was a Master Mechanic and although the Bread-Van was far from the sleekest one around it was probably the fastest in the country, with a 3.3 Vauxhall engine swap and fat feet to cope with that 500 lb Hammond.  It was actually entered in the Pegasus Bay Drag meet one year and certainly wasn't the slowest vehicle there, cleaning up several saloon cars of the day!  All was going well until an opportunity occurred for Jim Shields to pursue a full-time music career as Vocalist/Drummer, so he left the group.  Ross managed to convince his Next Move muso mates, Les Inwood and Noddy Hutchinson to join and further enhance the Profile line-up.  What had the potential to be a very polished and successful group, unfortunately did not last long, as Les also had an opportunity to pursue a successful solo career around New Zealand and over the ditch.  Joe also left shortly after to expand hisfamily business interests in Oz.  Bob became a founding member of the gig-band line-up MARBUCK at The Hillsborough.  Noddy it is thought headed to Auckland, and Ross stopped entertaining others to pursue his own entertainment - ski-ing, flying gliders and racing cars.  Sadly, Noddy died just before the Muso's reunion at Ferrymead in 2012.


Profile at Northside Seven c1968

Bob's van .....