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Paul Baron was Paul Muggleston's alter ego .....

At the very end of the sixties, Paul Muggleston attempted to create a new identity by recording a country and western ballad-type song called Daddy In Your Mind based on his strong emotions about the untimely loss of his dad.  This track was recorded under the name of an alter ego of Paul's - Paul Baron - and was released on the Christchurch-based Orly label in 1969.  Unfortunately, despite a correct promotional poster having been distributed, the record label was incorrectly set with two major errors.  The intended "A-side" was set as Daddy ON Your Mind, and presented as the "B-side" on the label.  The intended flipside was Don't Leave Me In My World, which received the designation of "A-side" on the label.  Regretably, the record was pressed and released as such!  Paul Baron appeared at the Denton Park Rock Festival circa 1970.


Paul Baron - Don't Leave Me In My World

Paul Baron - Promotional Poster

Paul Baron - Daddy In Your Mind



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