Band Of Hope Jug Band

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Band Of Hope Jug Band - circa 1968
Phil Garland (Jug), Bill Hammond (Washboard, Tambourine, Percussions, Spoons), Chris Grosz (Kazoo, Harmonica, Vocals),
Gordon Collier (Guitar, Banjo, Vocals), Dobbin (Bass) and Warwick Brock (Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Banjo, Kazoo)

The group recorded two albums at The Christchurch Folk Centre.  Other Performers included Val Murphy (Vocals) and Timothy Halzledine (Piano)


Bill Hammond, Gordon Collier, Robin "Dobbin" Elliot,
Dennis Hearfield, Warwick Brock, Chris Grosz

Dennis Hearfield, Bill Hammond, Chris Grosz (back turned),
Warwick Brock, Robin "Dobbin Elliot", Gordon Collier