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On their return to New Zealand in 1990 after "breaking up", erstwhile members of THE DANCE EXPONENTS reformed and undertook a national tour under a new name - AMPLIFIER - but the punters then had absolutely no idea who they were, so they rapidly came to their senses and changed their name back (well almost) to THE EXPONENTS



a CBS publicity shot for the 1985 release of the AMPLIFIER album

In 1987 The Dance Exponents relocated to Britain, but without Olsen.  Like so many other Kiwi acts before - and after them, The Dance Exponents experienced the challenges and promises of being a band in London, working day jobs and looking for that elusive record deal.  But, this was where they discovered that they had become a part of their indigenous culture, in a way that transcended any chart successes - and even whether they had a record deal or not.  It turned out that expat Kiwis who had seen the band at home, also wanted to see them on the other side of the world, and the expat circuit (and not just Kiwis but Aussies and South Africans too) induced some significant paydays, albeit all too infrequently!  Drummers Barry Blackler and Brendan Fitzgerald stepped in where they were needed and Jordan wrote new songs.  The band recorded a demo, and CBS showed interest.  CBS A&R man Muff Winwood came to a show at the Fulham Greyhound, but the sound was messy and so was Jordan.  Deacon Blue got the record deal and The Dance Exponents were left hanging - yet again.


Their prayers were ultimately answered from an unlikely quarter in 1990.  Adam Holt, whom they had met as the guitarist in Auckland's Sons in Jeopardy, was now working for PolyGram Records.  He heard the London demos and proposed a contract to Jones, who had already returned to New Zealand.  His boss flew to London to reiterate the offer to Gent.  The band (less Sheehan, who stayed in London) came back to New Zealand and reunited in 1990.  Harallambi was welcomed back into the fold.  In one of the bad decisions that bands tend to make, The Dance Exponents changed their name to Amplifier.  Crowds supporting a national tour reflected the fact that NO ONE KNEW WHO THE HELL THEY WERE.  Their name was rapidly changed back (well almost) to The Exponents - it was still 1990.


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