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ECF punking it out
Ljinon Manson (Guitar/Vocals), Brent (Bratt) Frazer (Drums), Chris Mason (Vocals) - Shayne O'Neill (Guitars/Vocals) is not shown

ECF was formed in 1983 in Christchurch following the brief retirement of Ljinon Manson (EnCanMA) and combined members from 3 bands - EnCanMA, Desperate Measures and Aryan Army, all active bands at that time.  Debuting at the 1983 3ZM Christchurch Music Festival, and being removed from the stage by set end - causing quite a scene with the crowd, who had lapped it up, and thus ECF had made the grand entry they needed.  Taunted as being made into the Sex Pistols of New Zealand, the band rode the success.  Writing and rehearsal was joined by live performances which were varied in place and time, and drew quite a cult following, building a reputation.  Managed by Jim Wilson, of Phantom Billstickers Ltd and Wilson Army Surplus fame, ECF had instant success and with their first 12" EP release by New Future Records, 'Radio We Are Not Kidding', featuring the song 'Drop Me Off' and debuting at #14 on the national charts in October 1983.  It remained there for a few weeks - until the pressed record numbers were exhausted.  The group toured extensively nationally, by now managing themselves (a complete disaster) spending time in both Wellington (playing with Gerald Dwyer's Flesh D-Vice), and Auckland, but sadly they split after one tour as band members stretched the length of the country.  Returning for a short farewell tour (without Brent 'Brat' Fraser) - but Ljinon and Shayne O'Neill were working on another project together which evolved into 3Guesses after a short stint as Tribes of NZ and then the reformation of EnCanMA with Eric Android of Androidss fame.  The only other release was on a Jayrem Records compilation LP Capital Kaos in 1985, the famed Filthy Punk Rocker, recorded live in Wellington at the Capital Chaos Concert.  ECF playing under the guise of Aryan Army to protect themselves from the media.  Filthy Punk Rocker was an anthem for many in the South Island and beyond.