The (Hi Fi) Falcons

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The Original Hi Fi Falcons
Noel Taylor (Drums), Linton Pimm (Bass Guitar), Lenny Ormsby (Lead Guitar) and Doug Henderson (Rhythm Guitar)

The Hi Fi Falcons were a group which started life in Timaru as The Falcons.  The line-up of the newly-renamed group included rhythm guitarist Doug Henderson (shown on the right), who went on to become a member of Peter Nelson and The Castaways, as did lead guitarist Lenny Ormsby (shown next to Doug).  Peter Dawkins (who was to go on to higher things as an EMI record producer) was the new drummer who replaced Warren Isles, who had previously replaced Noel Taylor.  Bass guitar remained in the capable hands of Linton Pimm.  The Hi Fi tag seemed to disappear fairly quickly and the group was once again known as just The Falcons.


The Falcons  —  Warren Isles (Drums),  Lenny Ormsby (Lead Guitar),  Linton Pimm (Bass Guitar) and  Doug Henderson (Rhythm Guitar)






The Falcons  —  Peter Dawkins (Drums),  Lenny Ormsby (Lead Guitar),  Linton Pimm (Bass Guitar) and  Doug Henderson (Rhythm Guitar)





Don Clarkson (of Peter Nelson and The Castaways) comments .....  The photo above, was taken in the Dolphin Lounge (which was in the Irish Society Hall in St Asaph Street. Christchurch).  It shows from Timaru Falcons, two of whom (Lenny Ormsby and Doug Henderson) became Castaways.  The Downbeats were resident at the Dolphin Lounge and their slanty amplifier boxes - with a Downbeats sign - can be seen.  The Dolphin Lounge was run by Wally Green who owned plastic folderc manufacurer Weltex Plastics in Christchurch.