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Top of Page  A  1480 VillageNitespot152 Lichfield Street, Christchurch
 99 ClubNitespotChristchurch
 Adam's AppleNitespot54 Lichfield Street, Christchurch
 Aldersgate DanceDance Club309 Durham Street, Christchurch
 Al Di LaDanceSt Johns Hall, Christchurch
 AL's BarBar/Music Venue31 Dundas Street, Christchurch
 Aorangi Hall, TheConcert VenueFairlie
 Aranui Motor HotelPubPages Road, Christchurch
 Arcadia LoungNitespotAshburton
 Archies ParlourDiscoLion Tavern, Christchurch
 Arena AranuiPubMackenzies Hotel
 Aquarius Night ClubNitespotTancred Street, Ashburton
 Aubrey'sNitespotChancery Lane, Christchurch
 Avon LoungeBarStar and Garter, Christchurch
 Avonhead TavernPubAvonhead Rioad, Christchurch

Top of Page  B  Bay HallCommunity HallCaroline Bay, Timaru
 Beck's Southern AlehousePubColumbo Street, Christchurch
 Bellows Wine ParlourWine BarImperial Hotel, Barbadoes Street, Christchurch
 Berwick StreetChurch DanceBerwick Street, Christchurch
 Bird Dog ClubPubAmerican Deep Freeze Base, Christchurch
 Bishopdale TavernPubBishopdale, Christchurch
 Black Horse HotelPubLincoln Road, Christchurch
 Blenheim Road Motor InnPub282 Blenheim Road, Christchurch
 Boatsheds Hall, TheDanceAkaroa
 BootleggesNitespotMackenzie's Hotel
 Bourbon Street BarBar154 Manchester Street, Christchurch
 Bower TavernPubCnr Bower Avenue and New Brighton Road
 British HotelPubChristchurch
 Burnham Arms TavernBarBurnham
 Bush Inn CourtsPubChurch Corner, Christchurch

Top of Page  C  Canterbury CourtShow VenueAddington, Christchurch
 Caledonian HallDance/Night Club135 Kilmore Street, Christchurch
 Caledonian BallroomDance/Night Club135 Kilmore Street, Christchurch
 Caroline Bay SoundshellPublic VenueCaroline Bay, Timaru
 Carlton HotelPubCnr Bealey Avenue and Papanui Road, Christchurch
 Carlyle Street Youth ClubYouth ClubCarlyle Street, Christchurch
 Cashmere ClubClubColombo Street, Christchurch
 Cathedral SquareCity CentreChristchurch
 CatsBarManchester Street, Christchurch
 Cave Rock HotelPub11 Marriner Street, Sumner, Christchurch
 Chancery TavernPubChancery Arcade, Christchurch
 Checkers Latin QuarterNight ClubChristchurch
 Chevy'sBarOccidental Hotel, Latimer Square, Christchurch
 Christchurch Folk CentreFolk Club137 High Street, Christchurch
 Christchurch Rock 'n' Roll ClubTeenage ClubChristchurch
 Christchurch Teenagers ClubTeenage ClubRailway Hall, Carlyle Street, Christchurch
 Christchurch Town HallCivic Centre, Concert VenueKilmore Street, Christchurch
 ChristiesNight Club54 Lichfield Street, Christchurch
 Chums Club, TheYouth GroupCrystal Palace Theatre, Cathedral Square, Christchurch
 Citizen's HallDanceTemuka
 Clarendon HotelPubOxford Terrace, Christchurch
 Club 500Night ClubCathedral Square, Christchurch
 Club HotelPubSydenham, Christchurch
 Club De Rox a.k.a. Mollett StreetNitespot601 Colombo Street (cnr Mollett Street)
 Coker's HotelPubManchester Street, Christchurch
 Copper Cat, TheCoffee Bar137 High Street, Christchurch

Top of Page  D  Dainty Inn, TheMilkbarChristchurch
 DB TavernPubTimaru
 Deep Freeze (USARP) BaseService ClubChristchurch Airport
 Del RioNitespotChristchurch
 Dolphin LoungeDanceIrish Society Hall
 Dominion HotelPubTimaru
 Doncaster TavernPubTimaru
 Downtown NitespotNitespotTimaru
 Doodles Night ClubNight ClubChristchurch
 Durham Arms TavernPubChristchurch
 Dux DeluxePubOld StudAss University of Canterbury

Top of Page  E  Edgeware Road Hall, TheDanceEdgeware Road, Christchurch
 Eighteen Plus, TheDanceCaledonian Hall
 Elms HotelHotelPapanui Road, Christchurch
 Embassy HotelHotel/NitespotManchester Street, Christchurch
 Equestrian HotelPubChristchurch
 Esplanade HotelPubNew Brighton, Christchurch

Top of Page  F  Fat Lady's Arms (formerly Nancy's)PubCnr Riccarton Road and Deanes Avenua, Christhurch
 Firehouse, TheNight ClubColombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch
 Fitzgerald Arms TavernPubCnr Fitgerald Avenue and Cashel Street, Christchurch
 FlappersBarOccidental Hotel, Latimer Square, Christchurch
 Folk CentreConcert Venue137 High Street
 Forresters' HallClubOxford Terrace, Christchurch
 Forresters HotelPubOxford Terrace, Christchurch
 Forresters TavernPubOxford Terrace, Christchurch
 FoxysBarImperial Hotel, Barbadoes Street, Christchurch
 Friendship HouseCoffee Club209 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch

Top of Page  G  Geraldine Town HallCivic Centre, Concert VenueGeraldine
 Gladstone Hotel [DB Gladstone]PubCnr Durhan and Peterborough Streets
 Glenbyre TavernTavern111 Keighleys Road, Linwwod, Christchurch
 Golden Fleece RestaurantRestaurant535 Colombo Street, Christchurch
 Golden Mile TavernPubChristchurch
 Grenadier HotelPubOxford Terrace, Christchurch
 Gresham Hotel [Rotherfield]Pub88-92 Cashel Street, Christchurch
 Groovy RoomNitespotRattray Street, Dunedin
 Guiseppe's Nite SpotNitespot265 High Street, Christchurch

Top of Page  H  Halswell TavernPubHalswell, Christchurch
 Heathcote DanceDanceChristchurch
 Hibernian Hall, TheDanceChristchurch
 Hideaway BarBarWaltham Arms Tavern, Christchurch
 Hibernian HotelPubTimaru
 HiFi LoungeNitespotChristchurch
 Hillsborough TavernPubCurries Road, Christchurch
 Hoof BeatsBar/RestaurantRacecourse Hotel
 Horizon, TheWine·Dine·DanceChristchurch International Airport
 Hornby Trust HotelPubHornby, Christchurch
 Hornby Working Men's Club + MSAWM Club and MSAHornby, Christchurch

Top of Page  I  Iguana Nitespot, TheNitespot535 Colombo Street, Christchurch
 Imperial HotelPubBarbadoes Street, Christchurch
 Isaac Theatre Royal, TheConcert VenueChristchurch

Top of Page  J  Club JamalClubCashel Street (opp Beaths), Christchurch

Top of Page  K  King Bee, TheNitespotHereford Lane, Christchurch

Top of Page  L  La MerNite SpotSumner
 Lancaster Park HotelPubChristchurch
 Laredo Nitespot, TheDance/NitespotCambridge Terrace, Christchurch
 Latimer, TheDanceLatimer Square, Christchurch
 Leander Club, TheDance/NitespotKerrs Reach, Christchurch
 Limbos NightclubDance/Nitespot210 St Asaph Street, Christchurch

Top of Page  M  Majestic Theatre, TheNitespotCnr Lichfield and Manchester Streets, Christchurch
 Market Place, TheNitespotTuam Street, Christchurch
 Marine HotelPubSumner
 Mackenzies HotelPub51 Pages Road, Christchurch
 Mecca Nitespot, TheNitespotEdison Hall, 230 Tuam Street, Christchurch
 Milky Way, TheMilkbarHigh Street, Christchurch
 Miller BarPubLincoln Road, Christchurch
 Miss Moles Hideaway BarBarWaltham Arms Tavern, Christchurch
 Moby Dick'sNitespotChristchurch
 Mojo's NightspotNightspotCnr Gloucester Street and Chancery Lane, Christchurch
 Mollett Street a.k.a. Club De RoxPunk Sanctuary601 Colombo Street (cnr Mollett Street)
 Monaco, TheNitespot49 Cathedral Square, Christchurch
 Montmartre, TheNitespot49 Cathedral Square, Christchurch

Top of Page  N  Nancy Hancock's (NANCY's) HotelPubCnr Riccarton Road and Deanes Avenua, Christhurch
 NegrescoCoffee BarChristhurch
 New Zealander TavernPubCnr Madras and St Asaph Streets, Christhurch
 Nova Lounge BarBarShoreline

Top of Page  O  Occidental HotelPubLatimer Square, Christchurch
 Oliviers Road HallDance HallChristchurch
 Olympia Hall, TheConcert VenueWaimate

Top of Page  P  Pacific Dance CentreChurch DanceChurch Corner, Christchurch
 Pagoda Restaurant Christchurch
 Palladium Nite Club, TheNite ClubChancery Lane, Christchurch
 Papanui ClubWM ClubPapanui, Christchurch
 Papanui TavernPubPapanui, Christchurch
 Phoenix HotelPubMain North Road, Christchurch
 PJ's Private NightclubNightclub124 Lichfield Street, Christchurch
 Plainsman, TheNightspot110 Lichfield Street, Christchurch
 PlayroomNitespotCnr Pages Road + Cuffs Road, Christchurch
 Plaza LoungeNitespotUnited Service Hotel
 Pomeroy's Old Brewery InnInnChristchurch
 Pride of Place, TheNitespotChancery Lane, Christchurch
 Prince of Wales HotelPubChristchurch

Top of Page  Q  No data for "Q" 

Top of Page  R  Race Course HotelHotelChristchurch
 Radiant HallHallAshburton
 Ram Jam Club, TheNitespotHereford Lane, Christchurch
 Redwood Hotel [DB Redwood]PubMain North Road, Christchurch
 Rendezvous, TheDanceStanmore Road, Christchurch
 Rendezvous Danceway, TheDanceStanmore Road, Christchurch
 Riccarton Town HallCivic CentreRiccarton, Christchurch
 Rose-a-Lee Rock ClubNight Club535 Colombo Street, Christchurch
 Route 66Night Club109 Armagh Street, Christchurch
 Russley HotelPubRussley, Christchurch

Top of Page  S  Safari Lounge, TheNitespotEdison Hall, 230 Tuam Street, Christchurch
 Sandridge, ThePubColombo Street, Christchurch
 Scene, TheNitespotEdison Hall, 230 Tuam Street, Christchurch
 Shirley Lodge Motor HotelPubMarshland Road, Christchurch
 Shoreline Country ClubNight Club/CabaretMarine Parade, New Brighton
 SilhouettesNight Club/CabaretYaldhurst
 Snoopy'sNitespotChancery Lane, Christchurch
 Southern Blues ClubClubChristchurch
 Southern Cross TavernPubChristchurch
 Spencer StreetChurch DanceSpencer Street, Christchurch
 Stage Door, TheNitespotHereford Lane, Christchurch
 Star and Garter HotelPubChristchurch
 St Anne'sChurch DanceWilsons Road, Christchurch
 St Chad'sChurch DanceBuckleys Road, Christchurch
 St Mary'sChurch DanceChurch Lane, Christchurch
 St Matthew'sChurch DanceCranford Street, Christchurch
 St Nicholas'Church DanceChristchurch
 St Paul'sChurch DanceSeddon Street, Timaru
 St Patrick's HallChurch DanceTimaru
 St Peter'sChurch DanceChurch Corner, Christchurch
 St Theresa'sChurch DancePuriri Street, Christchurch
 Surf CityDancePleasant Point Domain, Christchurch
 Sweetheart Night ClubNight ClubPleasant Point Domain, Christchurch

Top of Page  T  Tabak'sCoffee HouseChristchurch
 Tabou Nite ClubNite Club225a High Street, Christchurch
 Tavern RachaelPubcnr Madras and St Asaph Streets
 Temuka Town Hall, TheCivic Centre, Concert VenueTemuka
 Terminus Hotel (DB Terminus)PubTimaru
 Theatre Royal (Isaac) , TheConcert VenueChristchurch
 Top Of The HouseCoffee BarChristchurch
 Town and AboutDanceSt John's Amulance Hall, Christchurch
 Town Hall (Christchurch), TheCivic Centre, Concert VenueChristchurch
 Town Hall (Geraldine), TheCivic Centre, Concert VenueGeraldine
 Town Hall (Temuka), TheCivic Centre, Concert VenueTemuka

Top of Page  U  United Service HotelHotel/Night ClubPlaza Lounge
 USARP BaseClubHarewood Airport, Christchurch

Top of Page  V  Valley Inn TavernPubMarsden Street, Heathcote, Christchurch
 Velvet GlovePub535 Colombo Street, Christchurch

Top of Page  W  WarnersPubChristchurch
 Waltham Arms HotelPubWaltham, Christchurch
 West Melton HotelPubWest Melton
 White Heron TravelodgeHotel/NitespotChristchurch
 WhitehouseMusic VenueInvercargill
 Winton StreetChurch DanceChristchurch
 Winter Garden, TheNitespotArmagh Street, Christchurch
 Woolston TavernPubWoolston, Christchurch
 WunderbarBarLondon Street, Lyttleton

Top of Page  X  Xanadu Nite ClubNite ClubKilmore Street, Christchurch

Top of Page  Y  Yaldhurst DancelandDance/NitespotYaldhurStreet, Christchurch
 Yaldhurst TavernPubYaldhurS, Christchurch

Top of Page  Z  Zetland TavernPubChristchurch
 Zingari ClubroomsDance/NitespotTimaru
 Zodiac Lounge, TheDance/Nitespot135 Kilmore Street, Christchurch

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