Aubrey's Nitespot

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The entrance to Aubreys Nitespot
Cathedral Square, Christchurch



Aubrey's Nitepsot - image shows Ticket's lead guitarist Eddie Hansen in front of the Aubrey's sign inside the nitespot whilst Ticket was resident (1970)

Aubrey's Nitepsot was originally The Pride Of Place which then became The Monaco and subsequently Snoopy's Nitespot .....
Aubrey's was named after English artist Aubrey Beardsley, and prints of his sexually-charged black and white illustrations lined the walls, whilst the rest of the place was darkness - black walls, black stage - an invitation to trip away courtesy of weird drugs and freaky music.  The Club was not licensed.


Eddie Hansen - Ticket - Aubrey's 1970

Trevor Tombleson - Ticket - Aubrey's 1970

Paul Woolright - Ticket - Aubrey's 1970

Ricky Ball - Ticket - Aubrey's 1970