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The Satellites - at The Marshland Road Hall circa 1962
Don Prebble (Drums), Wolf Marshall (Bass), Royce Baker (Rhythm), Karl (Charlie) Marshall (Lead), Graeme Wallis (Piano/Univox) and Merwyn Gilmore (Vocals)

The group featured around the Christchurch dance circuit as well as at the Carlyle Street, Sydenham, Christchurch Teenagers Club, and The Zodiac Lounge (Caledonian Hall, Kilmore Street, Christchurch).  The profile picture above was taken in the Marshland Road Hall - circa 1962.  The Fidelity Recording Company 45rpm Acetate shown above featured on Side One, Trevor Gaskill (Vocals) with Slipped, Stumbled and Fell, plus Uptown, while Side Two featured The Satellites playing two instrumentals Ghost Ship and Telstar.  These recordings were made on Thursday October 22nd, 1963 at Fidelity Recording Studios, 26 Hopkins Street, Woolston, Christchurch.


Battle of The Bands - Caledonian Hall 1962

Carlyle Street Teenagers' Club 1963

The Zodiac Lounge 1963



Caledonian Hall 1964

The Zodiac Lounge Last Night Sat March 6th, 1965


Battle of the Bands 1962 – Karl (Charlie) Marshall (Lead), Don Prebble (Drums), Merwyn Gilmore (Vocals), Royce Baker (Rhythm), Graeme Wallis (Piano/Univox) and Wolf Marshall (Bass)
Carlyle Street Teenagers' Club 1963 – Don Prebble (Drums), Karl (Charlie) Marshall (Lead), Royce Baker (Rhythm), Wolf Marshall (Bass) and Graeme Wallis (Piano/Univox)
The Zodiac Lounge 1963 – Don Prebble (Drums), Alton Burgess (Bass), Royce Baker (Rhythm), John Shivas (Vocals), Karl (Charlie) Marshall (Lead) and Unknown (Saxophone)
Caledonian Hall 1964 – Don Prebble (Drums), Royce Baker (Rhythm), Wolf Marshall (Bass), John Shivas (Vocals), and in front Karl (Charlie) Marshall (Lead)
The Zodiac Lounge Last Night 1965 – Martin Forrer, Caroline Mitchell, Royce Baker, John Shivas, Don Prebble and at top Karl (Charlie) Marshall


Recordings by The Satellites on Fidelity Records, 1963


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