Peter and Paul Talbot

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Paul Talbot Collection


Peter and Paul Talbot  —  showing Paul Talbot (left) and Peter Talbot (right)

Peter and Paul Talbot were a feature of the Christchurch music scene through from the mid 60s until the late 70s.  Originally with Peter Paul and The Pursuers, they went on to join Johnny Campbell and The Detours in 1966 to take up a residency at the newly opened Mecca Nitespot (formerly The Safari Lounge and The Scene).  Moving on from the demise of Johnny Campbell and The Detours, the brothers went on to join Just Us, and eventually Peter left to move to the North Island, leaving Paul with a completely new line-up of Just Us.


Peter, Paul and The Pursuers
Gerard Glubb, Paul Talbot, Neil Young and Peter Talbot
Tom McCarten is not shown

Johnny Campbell and The Detours
Paul and Peter Talbot
..... at The Mecca Nitespot

Peter, Paul and The Pursuers
Eric Shackle, Gerard Glubb, Paul Talbot, Peter Talbot
Tom McCarten and Gerald Shackle


Peter, Paul and The Pursuers
Peter Talbot, Neil Young and Paul Talbot (top)
Gerard Glubb, Tom McCarten and Unknown (bottom)

Johnny Campbell and The Detours
Peter Talbot, John Clinton (top), Johnny Campbell (centre)
Trevor Wright and Paul Talbot (bottom)

Just Us
Paul Talbot (bottom left), Ian Smillie and Murray Wright
Bevis Thompson and Peter Talbot (bottom right