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EON Recording Company Ltd.  —  Distinctive record sleeve






"Music Galore at No. 437"  —  Taken out of time from an article in The Christchurch Star on Monday November 14th, 1966:
Music making was a family affair for the Enrights of Barrington Street.  It was really a neighbourhood affair because the family was so well known, and next door neigbours and passers-by were used to hearing music pouring forth from No. 437.  The neighbours loved the sound of happy music and laughter.  Inside lived Mr and Mrs Maurice Enright and their eight children ("steps and stairs").  Ronnie was the eldest - she was 17, and Paddy was the youngest.  Ronnie made quite a name for herself in her first two years as a singer at local city night-spots.  (Many Christchurch Star readers of the day would have remembered Ronnie singing at the big "slipper dance"dance held after the year's teenage trek).  So keen on singing had Ronnie become that she started her own group "The EON Sisters".  What's in a name?  In this case, the fact that the three other girls who made up the quartet were her own sisters, Jane 16, Gerardine 12, and Katrina 10.  Their harmony singing began just as a hobby and as entertainment for the many visitors to the Enright home.  Ronnie had engagements at Surf City, which reopened at the beginning of October 1966.  The management was so impressed with her sisters as well that they then made regular appearances.  "Music is a big interest for the whole family ... they're all wrapped in it ... they practise all the time," said Mrs Enright with a laugh.  She was obviously very proud of her children, even though life was sometimes a bit hectic with meals to prepare for ten of a family (and very often friends as well), song routines to be worked out and perfected, and school studies to be persued.  The Enright parents took a keen interest in the girls' singing careers, with Maurice managing their engagements and always being on the spot to hear them sing - with Mrs Enright, too, whenever she could arrange it.


"Due for release about the time was Ronnie's first record, which was also the first disc carrying the EON Label.  The family was largely concerned in the running of this recording company.  The numbers on the disc were "I Love You And I Don't Care" and "Leave Me Alone", and both songs were written by a Christchurch lad, Dougal McEachen, who sang with Ronnie on the record.  Dougal's song writing had been prolific since he took it up at the beginning of 1966.  On the record, Ronnie, and Dougal (a copy-writer in a city advertising agency), are backed by a hand-picked band - hence the name "The Individuals"  Lead Guitarist was Johnny Campbell, founder of Johnny Campbell and The Detours, and a fellow member, with Dougal, of the famous Christchurch Cathedral Choir.  Rhythm Guitarist was Andy Joines (ex Max Merritt and The Meteors), Bassist Trevor Wright (another ex Detour), and the Drummer Neil Falconer, along with John Lloyd (now a.k.a. John Sanchez-Lloyd on tambourine.  At Surf City the girls sang with The Sneekers.  Ronnie worked out the harmony for each song and put the four parts on tape.  Then the other girls learnt their various parts, and Dougal assisted with the final polishing of each number.  Ronnie had also become interested in song writing.  She had already written one in French, combining her interest in music and languages, and she was working on more at the time.  On stage the girls modelled "mod" clothes from a city boutique.  Trouser suits and bell-bottom slacks were popular styles of the day.  The other four members of the family — Annabelle 8, Serena 7, Wally 6 and Paddy 5 - were also showing talent in singing.  Perhaps it will not be long before "The EON Sisters" quartet becomes a sextet.  The family would have been missed by friends, neighbours and pop music supporters alike, had a proposed move to Auckland occurred in January 1967 when the Army Department had mooted a transfer for Maurice Enright.