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Johnny,  your work with the ROCKHAPPENZ site is fantastic.  I can appreciate the enormous amount of effort and commitment you
have put in and I am in awe of the achievement.  Thanks heaps for keeping the memories alive.   Best regards,   Neville Claughton

Love this site  –  wonderful, factually correct information.  I take my hat off to you for preserving all this important history  –
keep up the splendid work.  Best regards,   Rob Carpenter

As someone that writes and archives New Zealand music, I find that the ROCKHAPPENZ website is an invaluable
and accurate resource and a credit to all involved.   Grant Gillanders

Hi Johnny,  very impressive work my friend and I understand the ten years of work and research you did to create this site, as I did a book on the
Christchurch music scene from 1968 to the 1980s  –  and that took 2 years!  It's more important now to record all this information as it's being lost very
fast, and many of our Christchurch musio friends have passed away in recent times.  Carry on with your special work Johnny.  Kind regards,   Kevin Hill

Hi John,  Love your website ROCKHAPPENZ.  Christchurch certainly has produced and will still keep producing World class talent
in the music industry.  Love that you are also presenting past and present entertainers and musicians.  Kind regards,   Dinah Lee

A big thanks to you JC for a brilliant idea.  Your hard work and dedication to this concept is much appreciated, and hopefully enjoyed by entertainers
and interested (curious) visitors to this site.  Thanks mate .... (for me it's been a hell of a ride over the past 50 years).  Sincerely,   Peter Nelson

What a great site, acknowledging all the great musos that put the Rock in Canterbury from the word go.  So many still alive and rockin'.
I can see this site developing into something really big.  Congratulations Johnny, you have created something special.   Roy Phillips

I wish to personally endorse the ROCKHAPPENZ website, plus offer a big "congratulations" to John Campbell for the hours of work he has gone to putting
this wonderful site together for us.  It's been an honour to have been a part of this era of the local music scene, and JC has accurately researched and
presented it.  Keep NZ Music history alive forever!  Sincerely,   Wayne D Allen

Congratulations Johnny Campbell on producing a definitive database covering the Christchurch (and related) music scene.
A quick browse turned into a day of nostalgia.   John Woolcott