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From the Neil Diamond album "Tap Root Manuscript"  —  (released in 1971)

A song of mortality, stylistically divided into two sections  —  where a fast-paced
opening part is followed by an introspective and highly emotional second part ....

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Jesus ChristJesus of NazarethCentral figure of Christianity
Fanny Brice   [RIP]Fania BorachAmerican comedienne. Subject of "Funny Girl"
Wolfie Mozart   [RIP]Wolfgang Amadeus MozartIncredibly gifted Austrian composer and child genius
Humphrey Bogart   [RIP]Humphrey DeForest BogartAmerican actor, famous for the 1942 movie "Casablanca"
Genghis Khan   [RIP]Genghis Emperor (Great Khan)Mongolian military-political conqueror-adventurer
H.G.Wells   [RIP]Herbert George WellsBritish, Victorian-era science-fiction writer
Ho Chi Minh   [RIP]Nguyên Sinh CungVietnamese Communist leader
Gunga Din   [RIP]Gunga DinTitle character of the Rudyard Kipling poem
Henry Luce   [RIP]Henry Robinson LuceAmerican publisher and founder of Time Magazine
John Wilkes Booth   [RIP]John Wilkes BoothAmerican actor and assassin of Abraham Lincoln
Alexander King   [RIP]Alexander KoenigAmerican writer and early television personality
Alexander Graham Bell   [RIP]Alexander Graham BellScottish-born American inventor of the telephone
Ramakrishna   [RIP]Ramakrishna ParamahamsaIndian Hindu mystic and spritual leader
Mama Whistler   [RIP]Anna Matilda (née McNeill) WhistlerMother of American painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Patrice Lumumba   [RIP]Patrice Émery LumumbaAssassinated Congolese independence leader
Russ Colombo   [RIP]Ruggiero Eugenio di Rodolfo ColomboAmerican baritone, songwriter, violinist and actor
Karl Marx   [RIP]Karl MarxGerman philosopher. Joint author of Communist Manifesto
Chico Marx   [RIP]Leonard Joseph "Chico" MarxAmerican comedy actor. One of the Marx Brothers
Albert Camus   [RIP]Albert CamusFrench philosopher/author. Contributed to the rise of absurdism
E.A. Poe   [RIP]Edgar Allan PoeAmerican writer of poetry/macabre. Invented the mystery story
Henri Rousseau   [RIP]Henri Julien Félix RousseauFrench post-impressionist, Naîve or Primitive painter
Sholem Aleichem   [RIP]Solomon Naumovich RabinovichYiddish author, humorist and playwright
Caryl Chessman   [RIP]Caryl Whittier ChessmanConvicted robber/ kidnapper/rapist. Executed at San Quentin
Alan Freed   [RIP]Albert James "Alan" FreedAmerican DJ, credited with creating the term "Rock 'n' Roll"
Buster Keaton   [RIP]Joseph Frank "Buster" KeatonAmerican silent-films actor and stunt performer

..... and each one there, has one thing to share  –  they have sweated beneath the same sun,
looked up in wonder at the same moon, and wept when it was all done, for being done too soon

Done Too Soon - by Neil Diamond