Big Beat Dance Band Contest '65

ROCKONZ Rock Hall Of Fame
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  The Kor-Tels

The Chants R&B

Beat Unlimited

The Phantoms

The Viscounts

Peter, Paul and The Pursuers
Big Beat '64

John Campbell Collection

The Kor-Tels  (4th)

The Chants R&B  (1st)

Beat Unlimited  (3rd)

The Phantoms

The Viscounts

Peter, Paul and The Pursuers  (2nd)

The Big Beat Dance Band Contest  —  Canterbury Court February 1965
The Finals were held on February 27th and the six finalists appeared in the order shown
The winners were Chants R&B, runners up were Peter, Paul and The Pursuers, third place went to Timaru's Beat Unlimited, and forth place was taken by Timaru's Kor-Tels.
Christchurch's Viscounts and Phantoms were unplaced