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The ROCKHAPPENZ objective is to provide a one-site resource of consolidated information on very specific subjects .....
Items presented often bear strong resemblances to materials on one or more of the following sites, and this is often no coincidence !

The information presented on this ROCKHAPPENZ site is gleaned where practicable from spontaneous contributions by interested parties, and pertinent information/resources from an extremely wide range of sources and sites in the public domain, with the objective of providing meaningful profiles of the Vocalists, Musicians, Groups, Venues, Events and Entities of the era of interest under the spotlight, in an easily accessible format and under a common umbrella.   ROCKHAPPENZ is not the only resource which provides consolidated data, and it is important to acknowledge sources from which information, photgraphs and clippings have occasionally been uplifted, and subsequently re-presented on this site.   Acknowledgements are strictly in alphabetical order, and no source has been used preferentially.  Salient information has been acquired only as necessary to enhance ROCKHAPPENZ profiles, and sources are acknowledged directly wherever possible.   The instigators and operators of the various sources encountered, reviewed and utilised from time to time by ROCKHAPPENZ are greatly respected, and without them ROCKHAPPENZ would be significantly less well presented.

Please be aware of the following resources which are available directly on the web - addresses hotlink to the relevant site .....

Audio Culture (National Resource funded by NZ On Air)  —  http://www.audioculture.co.nz
Bruce Sergent's NZ Music Resource  —  http://www.sergent.com.au/music/nzmusic.html
Kevin Hill (Photographer, musician and contributor)  —  http://www.flickr.com/photos/60506496@N08/

Sincere thanks from ROCKHAPPENZ to all of the above